Create dynamic workflows

Create documents from templates

Customize the editable fields in the PDF with the drag & drop function. Automate repetitive signatures using templates to save time and be more productive.

Multiple signatures

Make a document to be signed public and allow everyone to sign his own copy without any further action on your part.


Specify the role of all the people involved in a signing transaction. Send the correct version depending on the position of the person who'll sign.

Carbon copy

Automatically send your signed document to a third party designated as a “follower”.


Don't worry about saving your documents anymore. When using eSign, every document is archived on your private instance.

Boost Productivity

Automatically send final documents to all parties

When your document is successfully completed, every recipient receives a copy straight to their inbox.

See the progress of your document

Get a complete view of your templates, signatures in progress, and fully signed documents.

Automated reminders

Schedule automatic reminders so the person remembers to sign the document.

Notifications and alerts

Receive status notifications and get alerts as soon as your documents are signed.

Sharing public templates

Generate a link to a document template available only to those that receive it. When the document is signed, the signer receives a copy.

Close deals anywhere

Compatible with any device

Collect electronic signatures on your iPhone, iPad, Android, and other mobile devices.


Allow recipients to refuse to sign a document for a specific reason.

Customize any document

Use dynamic content fields

Use the drag-and-drop feature to add dynamic fields containing pre-filled data according to the person who will sign.

Mandatory fields

Indicate which editable fields are mandatory before your document is signed.

Create your own signature

Choose between different options: handwritten fonts, drawing with your mouse or finger, or loading a scan of your signature.

Signing Order

Send signature requests in a specific order, ensuring signatories only get notified when it is their turn to sign the document.

Security and Compliance

Secured Identification

Recipient parties may only sign a document digitally through a personal unique secure link associated with their email address. The system records the user's geolocation and the event's date and time and archives these in the audit log of the document.

Documents Integrity

Any activity on the document (signing, reading, etc.) is logged at all times, and cryptographic proof of the document's integrity is computed and verified at each step. Users can use their personal and unique document link anytime to download and print a copy of the reference document. A full audit log report is available to all parties at all times.

SMS verification

The document owner may optionally require an additional SMS verification (6-digit code) for some recipients.

100% Legal

Documents signed via Odoo Sign are valid electronic signatures under EU Regulation 910/2014 (eIDAS), in and US ESIGN Act. They also meet the requirements for electronic signatures in most countries. In some cases, SMS verification is required in addition to the unique email link, as further proof of identity.

Broad Document Coverage

Digital signatures are appropriate for any sales or commercial agreement, NDA, lease, contract, etc. More sensitive documents, such as tax returns and documents filed with public authorities, may require more advanced forms of signatures or the intervention of a registered trust authority.

itsme® Integration

Allow signatories to provide their identity using the itsme® identity service (Belgium and Netherlands only).

Signature Frame

A visual frame can be added to signatures, ensuring paper copies contain a visual clue that the document was signed electronically.