Custom Templates

Create a default set of questions for employees and managers to use as a starting point for their appraisals.

Templates by Department

Customize templates for different departments to include questions specific to roles and responsibilities.

Two way feedback

Structure appraisals so that employees can provide feedback for managers while receiving feedback themselves.

Integrated Meetings

Schedule meetings to review feedback and performance directly from the appraisal form thanks to an integration with the Calendar application.

360 Feedback

Enable 360 Feedback to request comments from subordinates and colleagues in addition to managers. Custom 360 Feedback surveys can be created and assigned to different departments.


Skills can be added during the appraisal process, and existing skills can be updated. This offers employees the opportunity to demonstrate their growth, and update their manager on any training or development since their last appraisal.

Follow up

Goal Setting

Create goals for employees, assign target deadlines, and track their progress over time. Smart buttons link goals to appraisals to check in with progress periodically.

Skills Evaluation

Generate the Skills Evaluation report to monitor employee development over time, and track how skills have improved, regressed, or stayed the same. Isolate employees whose development in a particular skill outpaces their team members.


Schedule activities (meetings, emails, phone calls) after an appraisal to follow up on actionable feedback or insight.

Private Notes

Leave notes on an employee appraisal that can only be accessed by users with Manager level access.