After Sales Features

As your business grows, having the right tool to support your helpdesk team on recording, tracking and managing issues raised easy and efficiently, is key. Odoo’s Helpdesk application allows you to generate credit notes, manage returns, products, repairs, grant coupons, and even plan onsite interventions from a ticket’s page.

Set up the after sales services

Go to Helpdesk ‣ Configuration ‣ Helpdesk Teams and enable the after sales options: Refunds, Returns, Coupons, Repairs and Onsite Interventions.


Створити сторно із заявки

You can use a credit note to refund a customer or adjust the amount due. For that, simply go to your ticket page, click on Refund and select the corresponding Invoice. Clicking on Reverse generates a credit note, and you can Post it while still being in the Helpdesk app.


Дозволити повернення товару із заявки

The process of a product return from your customer back to your warehouse is taken into action when, at the ticket page, you choose the option Return.


Надавайте купони із заявок

First, be sure to have your Coupon Program planned in the Sales or Website application. Then, in Helpdesk, open your ticket, click on Coupon, and choose the respective one.


Ремонт із заявки

Clicking on Repair option, on your ticket page, a new repair order form is shown. Fill in the information as needed and choose the next step.


Плануйте втручання на місці із заявок

At the ticket’s page click on Plan Intervention, and set up your onsite intervention exactly the same way as if you were on the Field Service application.


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