Go to Website ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings and activate Link Trackers.

View of Website settings page emphasizing the link trackers field in Odoo Website

Set up traceable URLs

Go to Website ‣ Go to website ‣ Promote ‣ Track this page. Here, you are able to get a specific tracked URL based on the campaign, medium, and source being used.

View of the link tracker fields for Odoo Website
  • URL: url of the page you want to track (e.g. the home page or a product’s page).

  • Campaign: context of your link (e.g. a special promotion).

  • Medium: channel used to share (deliver) your link (e.g. an email or a Facebook ad).

  • Source: platform where the traffic originates (e.g. Google or Twitter).

Now, click on Get tracked link to generate a URL that you can post or send by the source you have decided on.