Supported versions

Odoo provides support and bug fixing for the 3 last major versions of Odoo.


Odoo releases intermediary versions called Online versions on the Odoo Online hosting every two months. Odoo Online users can then benefit from the latest features of Odoo.

  • Admins of Odoo Online databases are invited to upgrade them regularly.

  • Online versions are not released for and On-Premise installations.

  • Online versions are listed below as SaaS.

This matrix shows the support status of every version.

Major releases are in bold type.

Odoo Online


Release date

End of support

Odoo 17.0

November 2023

November 2026 (planned)

Odoo saas~16.4

Дані відсутні

Дані відсутні

August 2023

Odoo saas~16.3

Дані відсутні

Дані відсутні

June 2023

Odoo saas~16.2

Дані відсутні

Дані відсутні

March 2023

Odoo saas~16.1

Дані відсутні

Дані відсутні

February 2023

Odoo 16.0

October 2022

November 2025 (planned)

Odoo saas~15.2

Дані відсутні

Дані відсутні

March 2022

January 2023

Odoo saas~15.1

Дані відсутні

Дані відсутні

February 2022

July 2022

Odoo 15.0

October 2021

November 2024 (planned)

Odoo 14.0

October 2020

November 2023

Odoo 13.0

October 2019

October 2022

Older versions

Before 2019

Before 2022


Supported version


N/A Never released for this platform


Even though we don’t support older versions, you can always upgrade from any version.