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The price covers the maintenance and evolution of your customizations as well as access to customization features: adding fields, changing screens, adapting reports, workflows and automate actions.

Implementation Service

The recommended Success Pack for your setup is the x hours xx Success Pack at xxxUSD

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Our expert will help you customize your solution as part of the implementation service pack.

Apps Subscription
x Users xx USD
x Apps xx USD
x Custom App xx USD
Total / month xxx USD
Implementation Service
Success Pack
Basic (xxh)

xxx USD


Apps Subscription
x Users xxx xxx USD
2 Apps xxx xxx USD
x Custom App xxx xxx USD
Total / year xxx xxx USD
Implementation Service
Success Pack
Basic (xxh)

xxxx USD

Starting cost - xxxxUSD

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You get access to our scalable cloud infrastructure including hosting, incremental daily backups on two continents, email integration, top notch security, 24/7 monitoring and a control center to manage your Odoo environment. Your Odoo instance is upgraded on demand to benefit from new features at your convenience.

You get access to our support by email or live chat in application. Our support teams are available from Monday to Friday, 24/5, in English and French.

A user is defined as an employee or a supplier who has or will have access to Odoo in create and/or edit mode. External users (such as clients or suppliers who are portal users) are not counted in the number of users. For example:

  • An employee who reports their expenses or timesheet is counted as a user;
  • A third party accountant who uses Odoo to work on your numbers will be counted as a user;
  • Customers and suppliers that have access to their invoices on-line will NOT be counted as users;
  • Visitors to the Odoo website will NOT be counted as users.

We provide you functional support and technical support 24/5, in English through email and live chat. A dedicated consultant is available in our Success Packs only.

Some Apps are a built on the top of others. This may result in the installation of another App. Example: E-commerce depends on the Website and Sales apps. As soon as you activate E-commerce, you will then be invoiced for Sales, Website and E-commerce.

Customized Apps give you access to a fully-customized version of Odoo Apps, with fields, reports and screens tailored to your needs. In addition, with the Custom apps options and our success packs, our consultants will carry out these customizations for you. Most importantly, we guarantee to maintain these changes and upgrade them with each Odoo upgrade. Customization does not include ad hoc development work.

  • If you use Odoo Standard or Odoo Custom in our cloud infrastructure, you can download a backup at any time through the control center. You own your data.
  • Our cloud infrastructure runs on the latest version of Odoo following a regular upgrade. On-premise users must use the latest stable version of Odoo. So, if you want to switch from Odoo online to Odoo on-premise, the easiest way is to do it just as we release a new stable version.
  • We also provide a service to help you switch from Odoo on-premise to Odoo online. In this case, we charge a one-off fee of 2 days of consultancy to migrate your data to our cloud infrastructure.

Fill in the above form and the page will offer you the best Success Pack according to your needs. According to our experience with preceding projects, we recommend the right business pack so that 80% of our customers can deploy Odoo successfully for the required scope with one success pack only.

The main reason why a customer may have to buy an extra Success Pack for the initial implementation: data to import are not clean (or huge volumes), customer asks way more customization than the average, company requires more coaching than the average.

Some customers also buy extra Success Packs even if they are fully using Odoo because they want to make their solution evolve over time. (company needs are evolving)

Yes, our support team will guide you and recommend the right setup depending on how you plan to manage your emails using the same domain.

We offer some apps for free of extra charges except the price per user. (e.g. Survey, Marketing automation, Notes, Groups, Chat, Employees, etc.)

Some other apps are bundled in Website (e.g. Forum, Blog, Live chat, etc.) and don't appear as such in the pricing page.