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AUB Ak Studija
AUB Ak Studija
Aurika Manufacturing
UAB Aurika is one of the leading packaging and label manufacturers and flexographic
printing companies in the Baltic countries. UAB Aurika is in operation since 1991.
Axioma Metering
Axioma Metering develops and manufactures ultrasonic heat, water accounting and data
management devices. The company is one of the founders and leaders of ultrasound
technology in the Baltic states.
Baltimax, UAB
Baltimax is an advanced IT solutions distributor that delivers innovative and reliable products for business clients and home users.
Jupojos statybines medziagos
Engaged in retail and wholesale trade of building materials. Supplies building materials to
more than 100 shopping centers, cooperates with more than 1500 legal entities, and is
engaged in trade of building materials in the Internet space. Can offer a range of 45,000
KAUNAS METAL, UAB Manufacturing
Kaunas Metal is a modern reinforcing steel service company, which manufactures and trades reinforcing steel products in Scandinavian and Baltic markets. Company is equited with modern equipment from Pedax and EVG. We can meet Your highest expectations.
ALTAS IT belongs  ALTAS company group - the leader in vehicle equipment
and security solutions industry. ALTAS IT, Ltd. is one of the first companies to
introduce innovative technologies for transport and IP video surveillance in
UAB Lano Solutions
The company “Lano Solutions” has been on the market providing consulting
and legal services since 2012. A team of specialists works at Lano Solutions,
whose experience in optimizing business processes, business immigration.
UAB “Informacinių technologijų pasaulis”
Building Road Safety Barriers, Fences And Solar Power Plants Since 2012:
 to ensure the implementation of the project on time, in full scope and
within the budget
 to ensure the project implementation quality
 to avoid concrete works and damage to the environment on your site
during fence installation
Via Aquaria, UAB
Manufacturing promotional packaging, paper and polyethylene bags, cardboard
boxes, branded office supplies, binders – production.