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AINA GmbH Wholesale/Retail
AINA is a company based in Lower Austria which is selling high-quality cosmetics specialized in sheep's milk products online and offline.
Ambio Innovations - und Vertriebs GmbH
Ambio Innovations - und Vertriebs GmbH
BizzNet IT GmbH
BizzNet IT GmbH
Consertis GmbH
Consertis is a modern service company providing Telecommunication and IT services. They live communications and they are mostly convincing their customers by being very agile and up-to-date and they are using Odoo as their CRM and in the process even as a full ERP system.
Die Wertstoffvermarkter GmbH
Die Wertstoffvermarkter GmbH
Hölzl Gravurtec
Laserbeschriftung Hölzl Gravuren
Kendl’s e.U. - Sabine Kernbichler
Kendl's e.U. is an exclusive distribution partner of the brand Picard in Austria and is using besides Odoo PoS in it's retail store in Vienna where they are selling beautiful handbags, suitcases and leather goods.
Legumium Gemüsekombüse
Legumium is a startup located in Wiener Neudorf nearby the capital Vienna.They use OpenERP POS, Manufacturing and Warehouse mangement in order to manage their Bistro-Restaurant and the connected production of their main product LeguMMus which is ...
Omrigon GmbH
Die Omrigon GmbH bietet mit ihren Partnern ein umfangreiches Projekt- und Umsetzungs-Know-how in den Bereichen:

• Beschaffung
• Vertrieb
• IT - Services
• Länderservices

Die Wurzeln der Omrigon GmbH liegen im Jahr 1998.
Aus dem aufstrebenden Einzelunternehmen wurde 2003 ein GmbH.
Zum Team gehören erfahrene Spezialisten aus dem In- und Ausland, die sich erfolgreich für Sie und Ihre Vorhaben einsetzen.
PAYUCA is a dynamic start-up and motivated team of young entrepreneurs based in Vienna and keen enough to provide a solution for opening up private parking space by an innovational technological solution (M2M and bluetooth) for short to medium term parking in city areas where it is quite a burden to find a reasonable parking lot.
Reclay UFH GmbH Water supply
Reclay UFH GmbH is based in Vienna and part of the Reclay Group. They are certified and provider of an official licensing system for Austrian waste management. They track and manage with Odoo all waste management related operations including the collection of waste, transporting, sorting and recovery all over Austria which includes the Inventory management over 550 warehouses and locations, about 750.000 weight notes and the invoice control of about 10.000 invoices related to these services provided by their partners a year. This was achieved by development of several modules using and supporting Sale, Purchase, Inventory Management and Accounting in order to minimize and optimize the costs of management and monitoring.
Reclay Österreich GmbH Water supply
Reclay Österreich GmbH is based in Vienna and part of the Reclay Group. They are providing services for efficient and educated waste management in Austria and have several subsidaries in other European countries. They use Odoo to sell and provide licensing services and mangament of waste materials which is handled mainly by its partner company Reclay UFH. CRM, Sale, Purchase and Inventory mangement are the core modules used in combination with highly developed own modules to run their daily business.
Sico Technology GmbH Mining
Siliziumfertigung Sico Technology