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Afroscot Services Co Ltd.
Ascot Sudan provides the sales, implementation, training, and after sales support for Ascot International in the Middle East and Africa. They provide services for the entire range of Ascot power units, from Diesel Generators to Hybrid Power units and Power plants. They are the supplier of spare parts for multiple brands powering Ascot generators. The branch in Khartoum has seen rapid growth recently and has managed to establish a strong presence, especially in the telecoms market, and further promote energy saving solutions.
Almasa Porcelain Factory Manufacturing
"Nobles Group operates in various business industries such as but not limited to: Road / Bridges Construction, Industrial Fabrication, Assembling Factory, Education, General Transport, General Trading, Advertising/Media, and Real Estate.
The group had approached Appness technology to implement the enterprise resource planning system (ERP) for their subsidiaries to better manage and control their operations efficiently and effectively
The group has seven companies, and the system was implemented for all of them, the companies are:
1. Nobles Group (holding company)
2. Almasa Porcelain Factory
3. RAK Ceramics Investment Sudanese Co. Ltd.
4. United
5. Nobles Railways
6. Nobles Real Estate & Construction Company
7. Tana for Roads and Bridges"
Almuhajir Multi Activities Co Ltd
"It was established in1995 as a private company. Its vision is to achieve of distinct performance in the field of investment and advanced services
Almuhajir mission is to operate effectively and efficiently in the general field of investment and services pursuant to Sharia controls, for the purpose of investing the savings of expatriates and other partners and developing various profitable activities."
"Bajrawia factory for equipment is a Sudanese factory based in Atbara City as a Sudanese initiative owned by Sudanese Petroleum Company (SUDAPET).
The factory is established and operated by Bajrawia Manufacturing Co.Ltd with the aim of manufacturing process equipments to various industries sectors as well as providing high quality products and solutions to Oil & Gas sector.
Bajrawia factory reflects the concept of localizing the Oil & Gas and other industrial equipment manufacturing in order to boost and consolidate the industrial Sector development in Sudan and the Region."
Bayrony Investment International Co. Ltd
"Bayrony was founded in 2003 in Sudan’s capital Khartoum and is an exporter and trader of agricultural commodities. The company started at a small level, initially engaged in seasonal agriculture commodities only trading Watermelon seeds; - Today, it has dedicated employees all over the production areas in Sudan and has achieved great success in its operations, which allowed it to diversify and add six more agricultural commodities to its portfolio. Furthermore, product line enhancement has reduced the dilemma of customers searching for reliable sources. Bayrony now has a diversified range of agricultural commodities including:
• Gum Arabic
• Groundnuts
• Sesame Seeds (White and Red)
• Watermelon Seeds
• Pigeon Peas
• Hibiscus Flower
• Chick Peas
• Groundnut Meal
• Olibanum Gum
• Berseem Alfalfa
• Rhodes
• Sorghum
Bayrony has shown an unmatched drive to expand its distribution. In 2006, Bayrony had clients in the Middle East only; today, the company has distributed to places as far west as North and South America and Far East to destinations in South East Asia. Bayrony has become one of the leading trusted exporters of Sudan and the company is managed by seasoned professionals that have carried forward its core value of offering high quality and consistent products."
Capital Radio 91.6fm
"As Sudan’s first all English Music Radio Station we have become the Radio Station of choice for city’s expatriate community, diplomatic & United Nations missions and the International NGO’s. Most importantly, however, our listeners include the large numbers of young Sudanese who tune in to our station for its mix of Western and Arabic music, lively chat and entertainment from our ever increasing range of shows designed to appeal to many segments of the local community.
Capital Radio 91.6fm has rapidly become a very powerful medium to reach these listeners on a daily 24 hour basis and has enabled Capital radio to secure advertising and sponsorship deals with many major international brands as well as with numerous local businesses and organizations who have quickly realized the benefit of utilizing Capital Radio to get their messages across to these , however, audiences"
Coral Co
Coral Company Ltd. is a private Sudanese company; it has been founded in 1980. Coral is a leading company in the animal production & Agricultural fields in Sudan. Coral seeks to continuous improvement of the agricultural and animal production industry in Sudan by providing the best technologies at distinctive value to our customers through the quality of our team, services, and our suppliers. The company provides all the poultry industry inputs from international companies by supplying a high quality poultry breeds, designing and installation of the poultry houses.
DPI for Advertising
DPI for advertising & media formed 2005 in Khartoum – Sudan, created to provide media solutions, ambient media and creative communications. we have locations and team with more than 10 years of experience in Khartoum outdoor advertising solutions.