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ALTIVEN South Africa
ALTIVEN South Africa Wholesale/Retail
An Authorised distributor of SEALEY in South Africa.
Jacking & Lifting, Garage & Workshop, Motorcycle Tools, Vehicle Service Tools, Welding & Cutting, Bodyshop, Compressors, Lighting & Power, Storage Workstations, Machine Shop, Heating & Cooling, and Consumables.
Adopt a School Foundation
Adopt a School Foundation
This Foundation creates conducive learning and teaching environments in disadvantaged schools in South Africa.

Regina Murerwa, says, “We went with Odoo because they were the people who could provide us with the deliverables and functions we wanted. We explained our programme and the functionality we needed, and they understood us.”

“We use Odoo for data capturing for the projects we have and storage purposes and some reports. The analytical function is limited because our organisation didn’t have funds to purchase those modules, we’d like to eventually do that. It’s working well for what we prescribed. I would definitely recommend Odoo, the software application is working well,” she says.
Ambassadortrust Consulting (Pty) Ltd
Ambassadortrust Consulting (Pty) Ltd
Ambassadortrust is an online will and trust administration solution built on Odoo. Providing trustees and beneficiaries access to their trust and will documentation at any time through the customer portal. This unique and streamlined service takes the hassle out of portfolio management by ensuring it is always up to date and readily available.
Aquasteel Ltd. t/a Aquadam
Aquasteel Ltd. t/a Aquadam Manufacturing
Aquasteel designs and manufactures steel tanks to the latest engineering codes and practices. Almost every main process is managed on Odoo, from procurement to sales and everything in between. With limited floor space and due to the size of a completed tank, raw materials are only purchased per manufacturing order using MTO route as the trigger from a sales order. Documentation on tank designs are kept for each manufacturing order, quality checks and costs are tracked per custom tank and used in a combination with a margin pricelist to ensure a profit is made with each manufactured tank.
Atlantic Abrasive & Hardware (PTY) Ltd
Atlantic Abrasive & Hardware (PTY) Ltd Manufacturing
Distributors of Abrasives, Power Tools and Safety equipment, this business recently migrated from Microsoft Great Plains to Odoo.
Des Killassy, Director, says, “We do a lot of buy-outs and Odoo can handle these in a more efficient way. Odoo records where we buy from, the order number, allocating that to an invoice and to the person who opened it, etc. It gives us more control.”
I like the system. I like the simplicity of it. I’m impressed by the way it is running my company at the moment. I’m happy with the reporting the system it comes bolted with. We plan to progress our other company onto Odoo but we’re first checking and once all issues have been ironed out, we’ll do that,” he says.
Balancell Manufacturing
Balancell is a future-focused, innovative technology business, that develops ‘smart’ batteries designed to manage & protect themselves, and report their use and condition remotely.

Bidfood (Pty) Ltd
Bidfood (Pty) Ltd
We're passionate about foodservice and believe that we add value to your business by offering a wide range of products, simplified order and delivery solutions.
We can help you to make money, save time and enhance your efficiencies. Our attention to food safety standards help to protect and enhance your reputation.
Bidfood is a leading foodservice dist
Black Sheep Industries
Black Sheep Industries Manufacturing
Manufacturing company specialising in Industrial Contracting, Engineering Services and Marine Engineering.