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24SEVEN Food/Hospitality/Beverage/Tourism
Transforming Pakistan's traditional farm-to-table & FMCG value chains with digitization & innovation

24SEVEN Apni Dukan, Empowering the community by creating a seamless network of trusted resellers.
Our goal is to accelerate the growth of these kiryanas (mom and pop shops) in unison through branding and digitization; to make a positive and favorable impact within communities
3s brands.pk
3s brands.pk Wholesale/Retail
3SBrands is a safe way to shop authentic sports gear, apparel and footwear of multiple brands.
Fast and Secure&shipping All over Pakistan. 

Feel free to contact us for any additional details required on product, delivery and payment methods. Buying from us, means you can be assured that your shopping cart will get to you, quickly and hassle free. We value our reputation of being the trustworthy merchant and to never upset our clients.
ABHI Finance/Insurance
We adopt a structured and disciplined advisory approach in ABHI FINANCIAL SERVICES and provide you with portfolio solutions that meet your desired financial goals and milestones. Work with us to develop a wealth creation and protection plan that provides you with the best chance to reach your financial goals according to your specific needs and comfort levels
ACE Group
ACE Group IT/Communication/Marketing
AnaConEx Group has a strong pool of Technology Professionals led by a diverse combination of solution architects and experienced project managers. The team is highly capable of managing end-to-end successful implementation and meeting the strategic objectives of our clients.

AnaConEx Solutions Pvt Ltd,
AnaConEx Solutions FZE
AnaConEx Solutions LLC
AnaConEx Training's
eClerk (Software As Service)

Client Since – 2020
Countries Operating - Pakistan, UAE, USA
Odoo Enterprise / Upgrade on - V15
Status - Live
AR Packages
AR Packages Manufacturing/Maintenance
AR Packages is a trading company specialized in packages material with custom branding. We offer a wide range of collections to various brands as per their requirements.
ATMOS Pvt Ltd Manufacturing/Maintenance
Atmos is a comprehensive marketplace having expertise in digital marketing, branding, printing, and plastics industries. We are the proud flag bearers of helping businesses across the country. At Atmos, we presently cater to reputable clients and efficiently growing its list of suppliers, manufacturers, and clients from all over Pakistan.
AU Technologies
AU Technologies Wholesale/Retail
In the last ’90s the Pakistan IT market took a U Turn and within a few years, a remarkable change occurred in the IT industry. New era of information technology took place and many companies targeted the Pakistani market for their products. Companies from all over the world initiated their new business setups and all manual applications switched into IT. Government supported all newcomers and the policy, particularly for IT, made the vendor easy to set their offices all over the Pakistan. Different field of interest developed time to time in which Software development, Networking, Telecommunication, ISPs and call centers are some prominent fields.

Client Since – 2020
Country Operating - Pakistan
Odoo Enterprise - V14
Status - Live
Advance Telecom
Advance Telecom Wholesale/Retail
With each passing year technology keeps on advancing tremendously and Advance Telecom strives to keep its customers up to date with the latest gadgets and devices. Founded in 2006, we have been working hard to serve our customers and providing them with the best after sales services.

We at Advance Telecom are proud of the strong reputation which we have earned over the past years. For us it is always about providing our customers with the best of the best only, and with the years of hands-on experience we are well equipped to cater our customers better than ever.

Our distribution network is the largest in the country and we are continuously working to expand it even further.

Every day, we connect with hundreds of people looking for assistance regarding new phones, updates etc. We also provide various service centers located at different places for easy access. Our excellent customer care is what has made our customers loyal to us and we promise to deliver everything the future has to offer.
Aerospace Baykee Private Limited
Aerospace Baykee Private Limited Wholesale/Retail
​Aerospace BAYKEE (Guangdong) Technology Co, Ltd is the leading high-power supply manufacturer, dedicated to provide high-end power products and integrated solutions to its customers. So, far have two production bases, 85 first-grade subsidiary, 5 regional technical service centers in China. Through its extensive R&D, company also have 53 technology invention patents. Based on the most advanced and most stable technology system, BAYKEE provide the best quality UPS products, Off Grid, Grid tied and Hybrid Solar Inverters, Regulated Power Supply, Frequency Conversion Power, VRLA and Lithium Ion batteries and many other products.
Airlift Technologies
Airlift Technologies Transportation/Logistics
Founded in 2019, Airlift is building Pakistan’s largest public transportation network. Our mission is to solve the pain of commuting and making a positive impact on the lives of people. Airlift offers a safe, reliable and affordable solution for the masses. In 2020, we started Airlift Grocer to enable customers to purchase groceries within the safety of their homes and get products delivered in just 45 minutes!
With Airlift Express, we want to make online shopping safe, easy, and reliable

Client Since – 2021
Country Operating - Pakistan & South Africa
Odoo Enterprise - V14
Status – Live
Al Basit Stores Pvt Ltd
Al Basit Stores Pvt Ltd Wholesale/Retail
Provides household grocery. Customers enjoy best services at Bahria Town Islamabad. Free home Delivery

Al Huda International School
Al Huda International School Education
AlHuda International School (AIS), an aspiration of Dr. Farhat Hashmi, and a dream shared by thousands of Muslims within Pakistan and abroad; is a one of a kind school that provides excellent academic education based on Islamic guidelines. Founded in September 2010 in Islamabad, with a small team of dynamic, sincere and passionate individuals, AIS has grown into a well-recognized educational system within a short span of time.
Alaf Textile Private Limited
Alaf Textile Private Limited Manufacturing/Maintenance
Advanced production equipment, strict quality control systems, and well-established design and marketing network contribute to our growing reputation in this industry. More and more branded enterprises appear in our customer’s list. State-of-the-art water effluent treatment and sewage treatment plant ensures environment friendly operations.
Alghani Terry Mills
Alghani Terry Mills Manufacturing/Maintenance
Al Ghani International is a leading player of textile industry in Pakistan. It has acquired a status which is desired by many but achieved by a few.

As the years passed by, al Ghani International is today one of the most modern terry towel manufacturing organization in Pakistan. We are full equipped to meet both domestic as well as International customer requirements.
Allied Ecoms
Allied Ecoms Wholesale/Retail
Allied eCommerce Solutions (AES) is a full-service E-Commerce enabler that provides Local & international brands with Pakistan’s first end-to-end managed E-Commerce solutions. We offer online growth & expansion strategy, marketplace & brand dotcom store management, website design and implementation, digital performance marketing, order generation & fulfillment, last mile delivery integration & controls and customer care solutions.
Allied Engineering
Allied Engineering Construction
Among Caterpillar’s dealership network globally Allied Engineering & Services (Pvt.) Ltd. enjoys the sole dealership title of Caterpillar Inc. within the region with which they have successfully capitalized on the existing market, in Pakistan.