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Agon Consulting
Agon Consulting Finance/Insurance
Agon is pharmaceutical Consultations in, Pharmaceutical Industry, Drug Stores, ISO Systems
Agon is one of the largest pharmaceutical Consultations Company in MENA Region, we are committed to create industry leaders who are capable of positively impacting business results at their organizations in a rapidly-changing global market place.

To achieve this mission, we’ve built a strong foundation with a global infrastructure of consultants and experts to provide the highest quality consultations and trainings to the pharma industry professionalss

in MENA Region. With emerging needs for strong Cloud ERP/CRM Cloud Software presence, a decision was made to expand control on sales plan and workflow and build a hard and trusted solution.
Al Kindi Drug Store
Al Kindi Drug Store Health/Social Welfare
Al Kindi Drug Store: Al-Kindi drug store is a local pharmaceutical store in Jordan, established in 1996 and is the local agent of IBSA pharmaceutical institute located in Switzerland Pella pharmaceuticals products.
Their products are mainly classified into two categories hormone and non-hormones; distributed all over the country.
AlHafez Group for Investment & Trade
AlHafez Group for Investment & Trade Wholesale/Retail
Al-Hafez name has been synonymous with high quality home appliances for decades. With over 50 years of experience in the market in Jordan under their premium brand name National Electric which specializes in the manufacture of home appliances including refrigerators, air-conditioners, washing machines, dishwashers, ovens and liquid.
Aqua Gas Group
Aqua Gas Group Energy Supply

A leader in procurement of high quality construction materials and advanced engineering solutions founded in year 2001, is a specialized Multi-National company providing top of the range materials and cost effective products.
Aqua gas was found in 2001, as a trader of construction material and a reliable address for first class pipe installation and water technology systems ever since with more than 3000 executed projects in the field. We partner with the world’s leading manufacturers to bring you the latest technology in the field.

Our Products are designed to give full satisfaction to the most demanding of jobs. They are time enduring and maintenance free.

AQUAGAS is an advanced state-of-Art solutions are supervised by a highly qualified team of engineers and technicians with extensive experience in the Gulf area and all over the Middle East. They are on a 24 hour stand-by to help solve your piping, pumps & solar water heaters installation problems.
Axis DMC
Axis DMC Entertainment
Axis-DMC travel professionals, strategists, tour operators, ex hoteliers. With a combined experience of 50+years among the team, Axis DMC was established in 22020 as one of the newest destination management companies in the Middle East, to emerge as a fresh sprout after the storm.
Beekeepers Cooperative Association, Ahmad
Beekeepers Cooperative Association, Ahmad
Beekeepers cooperative association was running multiple divisions with various tools and software that were not linked, limiting growth and scalability. The association needed a complete system that could manage divisions, including Production and Laboratory, and provide broad visibility into their operations and planning. Beekeepers Cooperative Association contacted Smart Way Business Solutions to assist with the evaluation of the current situation and planning a system design that met their complex needs.

In collaboration with Beekeepers Cooperative Association, Smart Way Business Solutions quickly identified the criteria for success, determined schedule and cost requirements and prototyped a new system. The result: Beekeepers Cooperative Association was delivered a plan that was carefully crafted to meet their goals as a growing local association
Binayati Housing
Binayati Housing Construction
Founded in 2011, Binayati Housing is a full-service development and property management company whose primary purpose is to facilitate the evolution of new quality housing throughout Jordan.
Their property supervisors provide exceptional management of their housing units and all details related to them. They always strive to help their respective buyers & residents achieve individual & family goals to foster communal pride and harmony with housing units of optimum quality.
CGENOMIX Health/Social Welfare
We are Mohammed Andi and his partner Company (Al-Genome Medical Company) for Medical and Laboratories Supplies, work under CgenomiX® trade mark, located in Amman-Jordan established in 2009.
After the success in Jordan we plan to expand in UAE by open Al-Genome International scientific and laboratory products FZC based in RAK-UAE- technology park in 2013. Then we open another branch in Sharjah as Al-Genome International scientific and laboratory products LLC located in industrial area 15 -Muleih road in 2016
Cities & Villages Development Bank
Cities & Villages Development Bank Finance/Insurance
Cities and Villages Development Bank was established in 1970, it's an official public institution, which enjoys the status of a judicial person, and administratively and financially independent.

Cities and Villages Development Bank approached the team at Plennix Technologies regarding the need to have a central and digital asset management system.

Solution and added Value:
With the support of Plennix Technologies, Cities and Villages Development Bank implemented an asset management system that helped on centralizing their assets across all the municipalities. The solution included the management of various assets types including but not limited to buildings, projects and lands and fleet. It included as well a full asset maintenance management system for both corrective and preventive maintenance inquiries.
Dimlaj Industrial Group LLC
Dimlaj Industrial Group LLC Manufacturing
Founded in 1954 and expanding to serve a wide network of customers at both the regional and international levels across the GCC and MENA region by providing many options in home-ware, tableware, and households products, Dimlaj has become a well-known pillar in the hospitality, catering, and hotel industries.They have mastered the age-old heritage of enriching lifestyles and flaunting generosity through precious metals and ornate beauty with a team of elite craftsmen who utilize the best and guard their work with definite ratios and detailed measurements.
Excellence Health Care Solutions
Excellence Health Care Solutions Health/Social Welfare
EHCS is a private shareholding company & a distribution company for many international companies. Their range of products comes from reputable global manufacturers which is very much diverse & comprehensive and they partner with leading firms in the healthcare & medicine field, such as GE, Medtronic, SLE, and many others.

EHCS is dedicated to serving its customers & partners in the best practice through its enthusiastic, devoted, and knowledgeable team in an ethical manner and has a well-balanced structure of divisions and departments within to ensure the best comprehensive service to its customers.
Fast Solutions for Trading
Fast Solutions for Trading Wholesale/Retail
Fast Solutions for Trading.
Headquartered in Jordan, Fast Solutions for trading is a global, integrated healthcare services and products company, providing customized solutions for hospitals, health systems, ambulatory surgery centers, clinical laboratories and physician offices allover MENA & CIS.

Haj Mahmoud Habibah & Sons Co.
Haj Mahmoud Habibah & Sons Co.
In 1951, Haj Mahmoud Habibah established his company in Amman by opening a small and simple shop in the center of Amman City. Over several decades, Haj Habibah Konafeh and Confectioneries have become one of the most prominent features of the Jordanian Capital Amman; thereby enhancing the experience of its visitors while maintaining qualities of leadership and excellence in the sweet industry.
The outcome of earnest work & perseverance exerted by Haj Mahmoud Habibah & Sons yielded 8 branches, a factory, and a Major Complex in Dabouq Area. The grandchildren continued to uphold the banner in order to upgrade the Confectioneries Industry of all types and forms while retaining the original taste and distinguished flavor.
I Learn, A NasJO for Training Initiative
I Learn, A NasJO for Training Initiative Education
'I Learn' is a non-profit initiative that employs a community-based approach to empower youth and children in disenfranchised communities. Through informal education, youth volunteerism, and partnerships they seek to establish safe spaces in rural areas of Jordan that encourage innovation, intellectual growth, and critical thinking.

'I Learn' believes that a long-term strategy for community development is best found in the community itself. By initiating local young volunteers into their framework, they are able to establish themselves in disenfranchised communities and reach out to local educators and role models. In turn, the local network of leaders is trained in their methodology of informal education and psycho-social support for children in particular.
Ibrahim & Karim AlSukhon Company
Ibrahim & Karim AlSukhon Company Wholesale/Retail
Ibrahim & Karim AlSukhon Company is one of the leading Gold Jewelry Wholesale in Jordan.
Ingot Finance/Insurance
Founded in 2006, INGOT Brokers is a premium multi-asset brokerage firm aimed at making financial markets easily available and accessible to traders of all kinds. With professionalism and transparency as their driving forces, INGOT Brokers has fostered and sustained a world-class trading environment with the highest quality of online financial services.
Ingot welcomes their traders with award-winning platforms, excellent trading conditions, great liquidity, and accessibility to financial markets, consequently delivering a unique trading experience. Their teams go the extra mile to provide clients with the technology, resources, and support they need, regardless of their experience level.