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Al-xamdu is a family owned business which is a supplier for food stuff and tea. The company has registered offices in Somalia, Kenya and Dubai. When the company is in Somalia it’s known as Al-xamdu, when in Kenya its known Safina and in Dubai it’s known as Babulkheir. The company was established in 1982 and it has offices all over the horn of Africa except in Somaliland. The company trades in most products except (bagaashka), and the biggest product the company is known for is tea which is the main seller for the company. The second largest branch is in kismayo where Odoo enterprise has been implemented on.
Bina arif
Bina arif Wholesale/Retail
BINAARIF “Ilahui Brand” is the excellent brand of “fast fashion leisure life”. Our company funding team aims to the operating philosophy of “serve the public, make more people to enjoy life”, determined to go to globe.

BINAARIF “Ilahui” adheres to the special style of free, natural, fresh, well-designed” and the brand proposition of simplicity, quality, design, and takes the fast fashion leisure merchandise chain brand as the core.

Adopt global creative fast fashion life business practice to become popular among customers for the quick supply chain management of updating products every week.

BINAARIF “Ilahui” aims to the brand spirit of “customer’s demand”, devoted to providing fashionable lifestyle. BINAARIF “Ilahui” is simple and natural, excellent quality, and tightly following fashion trend.
Dalkom Somalia is a leading Somalia based telecom provider established in 2003. Since then, Dalkom Somalia has grown into one of today's fastest-growing telecom companies offering next-generation solutions for broadband, connectivity, cloud computing, managed services, satellite services and internet services for businesses, wholesale and consumers segments.
A Limited liability company registered in Somalia and United Arab Emirates, Dalkom Somalia is privately owned and funded by Somalian Individuals and Investment Companies. The Company holds 10% Equity in EASSY and 9.13% in WIOCC. Through WIOCC, Dalkom Somalia has equity in EIG and WACs sub-marine Cables.
Dalkom owns Telecommunication Submarine Cable, International gateway, Application Service Provider (ASP) and Content service Provider (CSP) licensesas well as an independent infrastructure that includes 1 international landing stations in Mogadishu, Somalia connecting the Country to the rest of the world through submarine cables. These gateways are in turn connected to Major Cities in Somalia through City Metros and National Backbone. We have connected major Cities in Kenya and Uganda via EASSy from Mombasa through strategic partnerships with related Parties. Through our Data centers in Mogadishu, Nairobi and Mombasa, we have supported Organization by securing their Data.
Discount Electronic
Discount Electronic IT/Communication
Discount Electronics is a private company based in Mogadishu, Somalia.
The company supplies and sells electronics such as Laptops, desktop and accessories, camera and accessories, printers,projects and accessoeries, and other electronic components.

Quality is an integral part of our company philosophy. In addition to building accurate and durable test instruments we provide extensive technical support. We focus on establishing strong business relationships based on customer satisfaction and commitment to providing quality products and services.
Enza Home
Enza Home Wholesale/Retail
Enza Home is a concept brand offered by Yataş to create new lifestyles. Enza Home shapes life with its products ranging from dining rooms to bedrooms furniture, mattresses, textiles and accessories, and brings different lifestyles to your home with its modern and innovative approach.

Alternatives for various tastes and living solutions that offer comfort in its most natural state meet design within reach at Enza Home, making a difference.

Enza Home invites you to meet brand new worlds at its global network of concept stores.
Hasco General Trading
Hasco General Trading Food
HASCO Group is an international trading house with registered offices Dubai, Kenya, Djibouti, Ethiopia and Singapore; dealing in various industries such as foods, building materials and logistics. HASCO Group is a pioneer in building long term relationships with various types of trading partners across East Africa.

Today HASCO Group is the largest single owned family business in Somalia. As the market grows in Somalia, commodities are being imported from all over the world to Mogadishu port. HASCO Group’s logistics department has been the leading bulk-break importer in Somalia since 1993. The company shipped 36,125 tons of General Cargo in the year 2017.
Homebakery Wholesale/Retail
Home Bakery is a restaurant brings classic somalian food and traditional food,
The home bakery restaurant was located in the center of Hamar weyne disctrict, mogadishu, somalia.
It operated as a deluxe and fashionable dining option at the highest level of culinary experience in a desirable location.
The restauarnt experiance is elevated with dinners,cooking classes,tastings, and other culinary opportunities.
Home bakery is open continuously throughout the day, offering breakfast, lunch, weekend brunch and dinner, as well as late-night, weekday happy hour and coffee.
Hornconnect IT/Communication
Horn Connect is a media production and strategic communication agency based in Mogadishu Somalia. We specialize in production and broadcasting services. Other services include digital marketing and events management. Since its inception in 2011, Horn Connect has grown developing a strong footprint in the capital and interior regions of Somalia. The company prides itself in a professional team well equipped and ready to roll out to carry out a clients request.
Horn Connect’s clients have enjoyed over one thousand satellite feeds and more than one thousand five hundred packaged news items and feature productions. An example of our early works is the continued coverage we provided on the infamous 2011 Somalia drought; we used our mobile teams to cover the events from early warnings through to recovery.
INGCOSOM TOOLS CO. Wholesale/Retail
INGCOSOM TOOLS LTD was established in 2016, is the leading top-tier INGCO TOOLS LTD tools supplier in Mogadishu, the capital city of Somalia. Being one of the oldest industrial sectors, civil engineering continues to be a significant aspect of community design and development
Innovation is our lifeblood. We fearlessly apply creativity & innovation challenging the status quo, refusing to accept the old way as the only way to develop and deliver outstanding solutions and services for our patrons. We believe in empowering our people to be the best in what they can be and to deliver highest standards in their specialized field.
By utilizing the latest technologies to respond quickly and efficiently to a changing market, the goals and objectives of the company have been defined to extend the operations and reputation of the organization. The company intends to attain specific profit targets. INGCO TOOLS LTD has the goal to retain the customers with high-quality service and enhanced relationship with them. To get the best business out of the market effective social media strategy will be used for marketing of our services.