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ALTAS komercinis transportas, UAB
ALTAS komercinis transportas, UAB
ALTAS IT belongs  ALTAS company group - the leader in vehicle equipment
and security solutions industry. ALTAS IT, Ltd. is one of the first companies to
introduce innovative technologies for transport and IP video surveillance in
AUB Ak Studija
AUB Ak Studija
AUB Ak Studija
Aurika Productie
UAB Aurika is one of the leading packaging and label manufacturers and flexographic
printing companies in the Baltic countries. UAB Aurika is in operation since 1991.
Axioma Metering
Axioma Metering
Axioma Metering develops and manufactures ultrasonic heat, water accounting and data
management devices. The company is one of the founders and leaders of ultrasound
technology in the Baltic states.
BGROUP, UAB Productie
Nordic steel is 2nd fastest growing construction sector company in Europe and 27th fastest growing in total rank by INC 5000 that has steel production and supply operations in more than 15 European countries, with biggest market share in Norway, Sweden and Finland.
Baltimax, UAB
Baltimax, UAB
Baltimax is an advanced IT solutions distributor that delivers innovative and reliable products for business clients and home users.
Cgates IT/Communicatie
Cgates is the second largest internet and TV provider in Lithuania with more than 160,000 clients. Constantly growing Cgates provides interactive TV and internet solutions for physical and business customers.
Coinsberg is an online coin store.
The company chose Odoo because of the customization of sales processes, integration with marketplaces, automation of the sales process. Based on Odoo, the company uses a custom design website, e-commerce and payment gateways.

Įmonė dirba ličio akumuliatorių priežiūros sistemų projektavimo ir gamybos srityje.
Veiklos sritys:
- Elektros dalys ir įranga;
- Akumuliatoriai;
- Komponentų gamyba;
- Kompiuterių programinės įrangos kūrimas;
- Technologinė įranga.
Klientai visame pasaulyje ypač vertina EMUS produktus ir taiko juos įvairiausiose srityse nuo elektromobilių iki povandeninių laivų. Įmonė toliau tobulėja ir sparčiai auga savo srityje. Pagrindiniams savo veiklos organizavimo ir apskaitos procesams sėkmingai išnaudoja Odoo.
Energus Power Solutions, Ltd
Energus Power Solutions, Ltd
Strives to deliver lightweight, high density power storage for engineering teams within automotive, air, defence, utility and other industries. Thanks to our focus and competence grown, we enable our clients to deliver prototyping and later phase projects within incredible speed.
Euro Asista, UAB
Euro Asista, UAB Andere diensten
A company providing roadside assistance and contact center services. Euro Asista manages more than 100 technical assistance vehicles optimally distributed in Lithuania. Moreover is a representative of ARC Europe in Lithuania.
Construction company using modern, advanced technologies for buildings, transport infrastructures, engineering networks and other construction works.
Interscalit, UAB
Interscalit, UAB Productie
NTERSCALIT was established in 1989 as a Lithuanian textile company producing a wide variety of natural and synthetic quilted pillows and duvets.
Investorius  UAB
Investorius UAB
Company is a wholesale seller of domestic key blanks, car keys, immobilizers, remote controls and other related products worldwide.
Ism Vadybos Ir Ekonomikos Universitetas
Ism Vadybos Ir Ekonomikos Universitetas Opleiding
"First private university in Lithuania
All levels of studies: Bachelor, Master and Doctoral studies
ISM Executive School - master of management studies and trainings
Research: knowledge and business development
More than 2000 students
Over 4000 Alumni