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Doha Regional Plastic Solutions
Doha plastic introduction:

The Doha Regional Plastic Solution (DRPS) is a pipe manufacturing company in the State of Qatar, which produces High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipes and provides Welding services for its customers.

DRPS is the leading Qatari manufacturer of HDPE Pipes & Fittings for Water, Drainage and other uses. Offering total HDPE system solutions with integrated and diverse product portfolio all MADE in the STATE of QATAR from quality raw material, using advance automated manufacturing equipment and systems. you may add any general wording about odoo impleleation
Integrated Engagement Communication
We are a team of 50+ professionals working on the build and set-up of medium to large projects throughout the Middle East Region - Dubai, Qatar, Lebanon, Bahrain, KSA, Oman.

We fully operate our own carpentry, steel and aluminium workshop and provide electrical, sound and light operators. We own our wood working machinery, CNC machines along with large format digital printing machines, UV printing and vinyl cut machines.

We serve a diverse group of clients ranging from Ministries, 5-star Hotels, Restaurants, Event Agencies, Advertising Agencies and Multi National Brands.

Get to know more about us on www.iec.me
Sky Creative
Our team has established an enviable reputation as a global and regional leader in the field of procurement, logistics and construction. Meeting and exceeding client requirements and expectations is our chief and overriding purpose - first time, every time. Handling the sensitivity and diversity of our clients’ industries, locations, requirements and needs is at the heart of everything we do, further enhancing our reputation and sustaining positive client satisfaction.

Our worldwide offices and network partners allow us to source and supply the most advanced and technically-suited products and services that fulfill our clients’ requirements, with the flexibility to provide great quality and cost efficiency that only a global network can provide. Based on our professionalism in practice and execution, It is hardly surprising that our client list encompasses a multitude of market sectors, including multi-national institutions, internationally-positioned government agencies, military, media, labor camps, construction, educational facilities and the oil and gas sectors.
Specialized Qatar Windows and Doors Systems Co.
Specialized Qatar Windows & Door Systems is one of the leaders in fabrication of uPVC Windows and Doors in Qatar. We have been awarded 2nd Rank from Qatar Development Bank in Small & Medium Scale Enterprises in Qatar.
The Perfume Factory
We are leading perfume experts in The State of Qatar with a vision “To spread our genuine passion for Perfumes & People, from Qatar to the world”. You can assure that you are in the best place when designing your product at The Perfume Factory. We proudly developed and trained the most knowledgeable team of sales advisors in the perfume history, boasting the largest number of industries recognized CFSS (Certified Fragrances Sales Specialist) and achieved ISO 9001.

Produce locally a variety of perfume products for local and international market Concept and Brand Development for new business, through Fragrances creation and New Bottle Design. Provide a service for manufacturing, filling, printing bottles and packing for existing business.

For more details visit website: http://theperfumefactory.qa/