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Al-Takamul Engineering Co.
Al-Takamul Engineering Co. Construction
AL-TAKAMUL Engineering Co. is a dedicated Palestinian enterprise providing wide range of electrical materials and solutions for ALL ELECTRICAL & IT sectors.
Alsayyed group
Alsayyed group Manufacturing/Maintenance
Alsayyed Design
Alsayyed Design was established in 2014 in Istanbul as an extension to its legacy company, Alsayyed Jewelry, which has a history of jewelry Manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing in Palestine since 1984.
Alsayyed has significant experience of doing business internationally with highly professional and result oriented team, and can provide proactive business support in the arena of global supply chain in jewelry industry.
Izhiman’s family has become famous in the trade of coffee, spices, and nuts since the early twenties. Th products have taken a prominent place in the kitchen of every house and every cafe’ in Jerusalem. A new generation then stood out, expanded, and led to having the family name shine in different cities and villages in Palestine, Jordan and the Arab world.

Currently Izhiman are in need for a new ERP solution that allow them to manage all their business functions from a single place with accurate reporting, fully connected system between different departments, Accounting, Stock management, Production. 

They are looking for an ERP system that eliminates the redundancy of software systems and have a consolidated reporting. Azkatech the Odoo Gold Partner, offered a solution on top of Odoo ERP that helped fulfill their needs.
Perfumery Solutions
Perfumery Solutions Manufacturing/Maintenance
Perfumery Solutions Fragrances is a family-owned Company, initially founded in Palestine beginning 1998, specialized in the development of Fragrance Formulations from Single Note, to Complex Combinations. The Company expanded rapidly over the next decades, created subsidiaries in Dubai - UAE in 2008, and Istanbul - Turkey since 2015. Since then, Executive Management and Sales Points are acting in these locations and PS Services and Products are spreading worldwide, including Export, Consultancy and Training Services.