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Optoma Corporation
Optoma Corporation
Optoma Corporation is a multinational company specializing in the marketing and sales of projectors, large LED display walls, touch display devices and image processing equipment, with business across Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and China.
導入Odoo模組 :15個以上,含會計與CRM (OSCG導入)
Implement Odoo modules: 15+, including accounting and CRM (Implemented by OSCG)
官網 Official Website https://www.optoma.com
Cowin Environmental Resources Co., Ltd. is a joint venture from one of Taiwan's waste management industry leading player, Cleanaway Group, the world's largest waste treatment leader, Veolia Environmental Group, and the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Republic of China. Cowin provides professional waster treatment solutions for general and special Industrial waste (including medical waste).
導入Odoo模組 :25個以上,含完整會計本地化實現
Implement Odoo modules: 25+, including comprehensive accounting localization
官網 Official Website www.cserl.com.tw
台灣專案管理學會為全球最大專案管理組織『國際專案管理協會 ( International Project Management Association ,簡稱 IPMA )』 的台灣會員國組織代表,致力於提升國內各級政府單位及產業界的專案管理能力和管理品質,發展專案 ( project ) 及大型專案 ( program ) 管理的知識體系及實務操作經驗。
Taiwan Project Management Association is a member of the world's largest project management organization "International Project Management Association (IPMA)", dedicated to improving domestic government nstitutions and industries’ knowledge, capabilities and practical experiences of project management.

使用Odoo模組 :15個以上,含會計與跨國交易處理
Implement Odoo modules: 15+, including accounting and international transactions

官網 Official Website https://www.tw-pma.org.tw/