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ALTAS komercinis transportas, UAB
ALTAS komercinis transportas, UAB Výroba
Altas Komercinis Transportas, UAB yra pripažinti automobilių inžinerijos perfekcionistai.
Nuo 2002 metų, ištobulinę savo technologiją ir procesus, sukaupę reikšmingą patirtį, subūrę svarbias kompetencijas ir pasitelkę pažangią įrangą, Altas tapo pripažintais Europoje automobilių inžinerijos perfekcionistais.

Altas Komercinis Transportas, UAB are recognized perfectionists in automotive engineering.
Since 2002, they have become recognized in Europe as perfectionists in automotive engineering, having perfected Altas technology and processes, accumulated significant experience, accumulated important competencies and used advanced equipment.
Aldrea UAB
Aldrea UAB Výroba
UAB Totem create a unique construction system with cuttable parts for robotics and electronics prototyping. It’s designed as a user-friendly system for makers of all levels. Since 2015 we seek to make the engineering world fun, understandable and simple for everyone.
Allive Europe, UAB
Allive Europe, UAB Jedlo
Allive Europe is a producer of hemp superfoods and oils. Their European operations consist of more than 4000 hectares (nearly 10,000 acres) in the Baltic states, which are expected to yield approximately 3000 metric tons of premium organic hemp.
Amicorp Baltic UAB
Amicorp Baltic UAB Financie/Poistenie
Amicorp provides a broad range of services to mostly corporate, but also high-net-worth clients around the world. The company ensure that the entities managed by us or that are domiciled with Amicorp are fully compliant both in the jurisdiction where they are established and in the jurisdiction(s) where their Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBO’s) are tax residents.
Arboristas Renatas UAB
Arboristas Renatas UAB Poľnohospodárstvo
Arboristas Renatas, UAB kaupė patirtį senų sodo ir parko medžių priežiūroje nuo 2004 metų. Arboristikos patirtis prasidėjo nuo “Solvik” mokyklos esančios Švedijoje.
Ilgametę darbo kokybę kėlė dalyvaujant įvairiuose tarptautiniuose arboristikos seminaruose.

Arboristas Renatas, UAB has been accumulating experience in the care of old garden and park trees since 2004. The experience of arboriculture began with the “Solvik” school in Sweden.
Arboristas Renatas, UAB has raised the quality of his work for many years by participating in various international arboriculture seminars.
Auto EDU, UAB Výroba
Baltijos Automobilių Diagnostikos Sistemos JSC (Baltic Automotive Diagnostic Systems) - B.A.D.S. is a designer and manufacturer of automotive educational products as well as service providers for automotive technology teaching and training.
Axioma Metering
Axioma Metering Výroba
Axioma Metering develops and manufactures ultrasonic heat, water accounting and data
management devices. The company is one of the founders and leaders of ultrasound
technology in the Baltic states.
B GROUP STEEL SERVICE - the newest and most modern reinforcement steel service chain in Scandinavia. Warehousing and steel service activities in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Baltics.
Baltic Flax
Baltic Flax Výroba
Baltic Flax is a family-owned business operating for more than 30 years creating and manufacturing private label home textiles and garments collections for small and medium companies, supplying international brands and shops with European linen fabrics, providing full service of linen fabric finishing.
Baltimax, UAB
Baltimax, UAB IT / komunikácia
Baltimax is an advanced IT solutions distributor that delivers innovative and reliable products for business clients and home users.
Baltled Výroba
BaltLED - a developer and manufacturer of LED illumination solutions for signage and general lighting applications all over Europe and other countries. Innovation and competence are the key characteristics of BaltLED's solutions, systems and services they offer.
Butina, UAB
Butina, UAB Výroba
UAB Butina - metalo ir plieno konstrukcijų, naudojamų tiek pramoninėje, tiek civilinėje inžinerijoje, gamintojai, inžinieriai ir montuotojai. Šioje srityje įmonė veikia jau nuo 1996 m. Nuolatos siekiame pasiūlyti projektų sprendimus, leidžiančius įgyvendinti ne tik standartinius užsakymus, tačiau ir grandiozinius architektūrinius sprendimus. Vedami noro augti ir tobulėti, suformavome profesionalią komandą, kurią papildo inžinieriai, įgyję reikiamą kvalifikaciją, surinkėjai, suvirintojai, dažytojai, esantys savo srities specialistai.
Cgates IT / komunikácia
Cgates is the second largest internet and TV provider in Lithuania with more than 160,000 clients. Constantly growing Cgates provides interactive TV and internet solutions for physical and business customers.
Cherry Servers
Cherry Servers IT / komunikácia
Cherry Servers provides a platform that is rooted in an open-source community, and they are always building interconnections with fellow cloud-native providers so that their customers could benefit from a wide array of cloud services. In addition to being open, Cherry Servers empower their customers with specialized cloud infrastructure and give them full control over how they use it. Raw and simple.
Coinsberg Veľkoobchod/maloobchod
Coinsberg is an online coin store.
The company chose Odoo because of the customization of sales processes, integration with marketplaces, automation of the sales process. Based on Odoo, the company uses a custom design website, e-commerce and payment gateways.
Daisena UAB
Daisena UAB Doprava
Daisena Group started its operations in 1993. In 2005 DAISENA entered the Latvian and Estonian markets. For more than 25 years, a solid team has been formed to deal with the process of branding and sales development.
Daivida Výroba
Daivida, UAB - a meat production and processing company. In 2012, the company renewed its strategy and started using the new brand ROKIŠKIO MĖSINĖ and started working intensively with large retail chains. The company exports its products to EU countries: Ireland, England, Latvia, Poland, Estonia and Non-EU Russia.