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Acsone IT/Communication
Avec ses 50 collaborateurs et plus de 15 années d’expertise en réalisation de solutions informatiques, Acsone répond aux besoins métiers de ses clients en Belgique et au Luxembourg.
Spécialisée dans l’automatisation des processus administratifs...
Active Playground Equipment Inc.
Active Playground Equipment, Inc. is a Canadian manufacturer of commercial playground equipment located in Sarnia, Ontario
Independent Brussels-based Agency. They stand for an integrated approach of omnichannel communication, invariably focused on user experience.
Ad Ativos Incorporacao Ltda
A AD/Ativos fornece serviços de obras personalizadas:
- Planejamento e execução certificados internacionalmente
- Obra segundo estrito cronograma.
Incorporação Imobiliária:
- Certificados de Qualidade em Obras e Processo = Padrão Internacional.
- Edificações Ecologicamente Responsáveis.
Locação Corporativa
- Elaboração de projeto e contrato personalizado a cada cliente.
- Pesquisa e aquisição de terreno com localização estratégica ao negócio.
O Odoo está diretamente relacionado ao nosso processo de compras, agilizando o mesmo e trazendo competitividade a nossa empresa.
Advanced Silicon S.A.
Advanced Silicon is a fabless semiconductor company developing and delivering mixed-mode Integrated Circuits (ICs) with a solid expertise in the fields of Analog, High-Voltage and smart-power applications. Based on dedicated technologies, our standard products (ASSPs) and custom products (ASICs) combine – on the same substrate – low-power, low-voltage mixed signal processing with high-voltage circuits. Thanks to our strong expertise in Touch Screen Applications, we develop touch modules (TMs) with standard or customized touch panels (TPs) with our partners and optimized control boards (C/Bs) based on our Touch Screens Solution IC products.
Aerotecs NV
Aerotecs are providing services to the aircraft industry. Selling systems, calibrating equipment and providing training : tight schedules, fast turnaround times, service level agreements and compliance is their daily business. Cats&Dogs and Odoo software are providing the control and insight they need to succeed.
Aesthetic Solutions Comm V.
Aesthetic solutions is an well-known importer and distributor for the Benelux. It offers a wide range of cosmetic, dermatologic and multifunctional aesthetic devices to dermatologists, plastic surgeons, aesthetic doctors, beauticians and wellness / fitness centers.
Agile Business Group sagl IT/Communication
Agile Business Group unisce l'esperienza di consulenti aziendali e sviluppatori software con lo specifico intento di fornire soluzioni basate su OpenERP.
In aggiunta alla decennale esperienza nel campo della consulenza aziendale e dello svilupp...
Agricon GmbH
Agricon GmbH