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24SEVEN Food
B2B and B2C ecommerce grocery store
ATMOS Pvt Ltd การผลิต
Atmos is a comprehensive marketplace having expertise in digital marketing, branding, printing, and plastics industries. We are the proud flag bearers of helping businesses across the country. At Atmos, we presently cater to reputable clients and efficiently growing its list of suppliers, manufacturers, and clients from all over Pakistan.
AU Technologies
AU Technologies Wholesale/Retail
In the last ’90s the Pakistan IT market took a U Turn and within a few years, a remarkable change occurred in the IT industry. New era of information technology took place and many companies targeted the Pakistani market for their products. Companies from all over the world initiated their new business setups and all manual applications switched into IT. Government supported all newcomers and the policy, particularly for IT, made the vendor easy to set their offices all over the Pakistan. Different field of interest developed time to time in which Software development, Networking, Telecommunication, ISPs and call centers are some prominent fields.

Client Since – 2020
Country Operating - Pakistan
Odoo Enterprise - V14
Status - Live
Active media
Active media
Activemedia is a Brand Activation, Events & Retail Solutions Company with nationwide scope, covering all customer segments.

We aim to invent and execute unique brand experiences - creative ways for consumers & shoppers to interact with brands. Building brand equity and driving sales volume as a direct result.

Our Management Team brings together unrivaled Experience of Brand Management,Strategy, Planning & Execution.

Client Since – 2021
Country Operating - Pakistan & South Africa
Odoo Enterprise - V14
Status – In Progress
Advance Telecom
Advance Telecom Wholesale/Retail
With each passing year technology keeps on advancing tremendously and Advance Telecom strives to keep its customers up to date with the latest gadgets and devices. Founded in 2006, we have been working hard to serve our customers and providing them with the best after sales services.

We at Advance Telecom are proud of the strong reputation which we have earned over the past years. For us it is always about providing our customers with the best of the best only, and with the years of hands-on experience we are well equipped to cater our customers better than ever.

Our distribution network is the largest in the country and we are continuously working to expand it even further.

Every day, we connect with hundreds of people looking for assistance regarding new phones, updates etc. We also provide various service centers located at different places for easy access. Our excellent customer care is what has made our customers loyal to us and we promise to deliver everything the future has to offer.
Agrimall Pvt. Limited
Agrimall Pvt. Limited Agriculture
Agrimall Pvt Ltd is a service-sector company dedicated to bringing a paradigm change in the existing transactional relationships facing the agri-economy.
Airlift Technologies
Airlift Technologies Transportation
Founded in 2019, Airlift is building Pakistan’s largest public transportation network. Our mission is to solve the pain of commuting and making a positive impact on the lives of people. Airlift offers a safe, reliable and affordable solution for the masses. In 2020, we started Airlift Grocer to enable customers to purchase groceries within the safety of their homes and get products delivered in just 45 minutes!
With Airlift Express, we want to make online shopping safe, easy, and reliable

Client Since – 2021
Country Operating - Pakistan & South Africa
Odoo Enterprise - V14
Status – Live
Al Basit Stores Pvt Ltd
Al Basit Stores Pvt Ltd Wholesale/Retail
Provides household grocery. Customers enjoy best services at Bahria Town Islamabad. Free home Delivery

Al Huda International School
Al Huda International School Education
AlHuda International School (AIS), an aspiration of Dr. Farhat Hashmi, and a dream shared by thousands of Muslims within Pakistan and abroad; is a one of a kind school that provides excellent academic education based on Islamic guidelines. Founded in September 2010 in Islamabad, with a small team of dynamic, sincere and passionate individuals, AIS has grown into a well-recognized educational system within a short span of time.
Alghani Terry Mills
Alghani Terry Mills การผลิต
Al Ghani International is a leading player of textile industry in Pakistan. It has acquired a status which is desired by many but achieved by a few.

As the years passed by, al Ghani International is today one of the most modern terry towel manufacturing organization in Pakistan. We are full equipped to meet both domestic as well as International customer requirements.
Anfords Pakistan
Anfords Pakistan การผลิต
ANFORDS, a consumer goods company with some of the most recognizable brand names under its portfolio functions on the foundation of understanding and meeting consumer needs.

The company initially started as a pharmaceutical but switched to the production of FMCG products in the 1980s. By the 1990s, it launched its very first gel toothpaste by the name of Crystal Toothpase in Pakistan. The product was met by a huge success and ANFORDS since then has built a legacy of quality and natural products for over 30 years.

In 2003, ANFORDS added another success to its increasing list of quality products, namely Doctor Toothpaste followed by Mr. White in 2004, which was launched under three variants much to the delight of consumers.

By 2011 ANFORDS yet again did what it does best, which was to introduce an innovative toothpaste in the local market called NEXERA. It was the only toothpaste to include cloves as an active ingredient. By early 2019 the organization launched one of the leading online fragrance brands in Pakistan called ARTÉ Cosmetics which introduced a range of 8 SKUs in the perfume category that caters to both genders and also offers unisex fragrance at affordable prices.

Currently, the focus of ANFORDS is to improve the lives of its consumers and add meaning to it through its brands. The company has spread its operations to three different continents and is bringing meaning to countless households.
Arian Sports
Arian Sports การผลิต
Arian Sports (Pvt) Ltd, est. 1982, employs directly about 250 employees at its factory, producing around 300,000 pairs of motorcycle gloves per year, making it one of the biggest factories of such products in the region.
Bazzle Wholesale/Retail
A premium balloon art company with a bunch of passionate people who love to Dazzle. We are a team of extraordinary who are out there to provide an entirely new Digital & Balloon art experience to people at their doorsteps!

Client Since – 2021
Country Operating - Pakistan
Odoo Enterprise - V14
Status – in-Progress
BinBakar Enterprises
BinBakar Enterprises Wholesale/Retail
BinBakar is a perfume importer and distributer in the Pakistani market.
Bulkistan Wholesale/Retail
Bulkistan’s highly trained and handpicked technology, sales, logistics and procurement team has a wealth of FMCG and MNC experience. Their background constitutes a hybrid model splicing MNC insights, standards and procedures with a uniquely attuned cultural understanding and engagement with the Pakistani marketplace.
Cash Valuable in Transit (CVIT)
Cash Valuable in Transit (CVIT) Public Administration
Cash-in-Transit by Armored Vehicles is one the most important service which we are providing nearly in all over Pakistan. The clients’ cash transits in armored vehicles which are monitored diligently round the clock from the Control Room through GPS, wireless radio system and ST tracking system.

Through our ATM replenishment service banks can avail scheduled service without disturbing daily job functions of the employees. This service helps the Bank employees to avoid any mugging situations or possible robbery, mostly at an offsite ATM facility.
CHUTKY is an eCommerce Multivendor Marketplace which provides platform to merchants/Vendors who have registered themselves as authorised Sellers on the website for listing their products to facilitate online trade.

We differentiate ourselves through a combination of unique designs and styles merged with unequalled standards of quality and authenticity. Our founders have deep roots in yoga and health communities and our selections serve amateur practitioners and professional athletes alike.

Client Since – 2021
Country Operating - Pakistan
Odoo Enterprise - V14
Status – in-Progress