Calls and Messages


Call any number in Odoo with one click.


Set up voicemail for new users with one click. Easily receive messages by email as an attachment.

Automatic forward

Easily forward business calls to internal or external numbers.

Conference room

Connect up to 30 participants with the push of a button.

Call transfer

Transfer a caller to a colleague or a team.

Dynamic Caller ID

Determine what phone number your customer sees depending on preconfigured rules.

Speed dial

Configure keys to quickly dial internal and external numbers along with other actions.

International calling

Call customers worldwide with affordable rates. (See your provider’s price list for details).

International office

Provision local phone numbers in any country you have an office. (See your provider for availability).

Call Routing

Dial Plan

Plan and manage how incoming calls will be handled with the Dial Plan workflow editor.

Interactive voice response (IVR)

Use an automated attendant to route calls for round-the-clock assistance.

Queue management

Organize incoming calls when no operator is available with a call queue.

Simultaneous ring

All your devices will ring when someone calls your number.

Call group

Ring the extensions of all the members of a team according to a ring pattern that you configure.



Axivox and OnSip are the two verified providers of Odoo VoIP. For alternate providers, the VoIP host must provide access to a SIP server via websocket.

User setup

Create and manage users with a few clicks. Set access rights.

Porting numbers

Keep your existing phone number by porting it from your previous carrier to Odoo VoIP. (Dependent on the provider’s availability).

Odoo VoIP widget

Work from anywhere. Odoo’s VoIP widget works on any device of your choosing.


Use with any client that supports the SIP protocol. We’ve tested Zoiper and Linphone.

Cell phone integration

Use Odoo VoIP on Odoo Mobile or with any SIP compatible application, or ring your cell phone number simultaneously with the Follow Me feature.