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With Odoo Studio you're in control, no programming knowledge needed. Add fields, create new views, and streamline workflows - all with ease. The sky is the limit!

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Tired of feeling limited by your software?

Your new app,
not from scratch

Create your app in no time. Just choose which features you need and Odoo does the rest!

Студія Odoo

No more one-size-fits-all

Add fields with a simple drag and drop and customize your screens: label, type, appearance, functionality, and more. It's all in your hands!

Студія Odoo
And everything is integrated with Odoo's other apps!

Make your documents
truly yours

Customize every aspect of your documents from aesthetics to content. Fine-tune invoices, reshape MO overviews, and create new documents from scratch.

Студія Odoo Студія Odoo

Let Odoo Studio do the work for you

Define triggers and automated actions for any record changes.

Студія Odoo
Студія Odoo

Set up approval flows

Verify critical actions before they're executed. Set up notifications to be triggered when specific actions are initiated and direct them to specific users.

All the features
done right.

No programming needed

Create custom applications in minutes rather than weeks.

Menu editor

Reorganize your app's menu with drag and drops, and create new menus in just a click.

Conditional properties

Make your fields invisible, required, or read-only under certain conditions.

XML editor

Use the XML editor for advanced reporting customizations.

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The advantages of a completely digital solution is that we have a precise reading of our clients’ needs at any given moment. This allows us to set in motion a perfect “Just in time” mechanism, so that you don’t order too much wine, but just the right amount, so as not to deliver too much wine, but only the necessary quantity.

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Thierry Tacheny
CEO KPMG Accountancy Belgium

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