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Odoo Planning simplifies your scheduling and boosts productivity. Seamlessly manage shifts and resources, and empower your employees for efficient coordination.

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Planning - Shifts overview

Step up your scheduling game

Visualize and optimize your schedule. Gain clarity and efficiency with a stunning Gantt chart tool. Templates, auto-planning, and recurrent tasks simplify your agenda management.

Planning - Shift scheduling modal Allocation of hours (remaining hours)
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Cover my shift?

Control your planning. Create shifts and (re)assign them effortlessly using a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. With the collaboration options, allow everyone on the team to see open shifts and switch them among one another.

Odoo Planning - Shift swapping modal

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Відкриті зміни

Залиште непризначені зміни та призначайте їх просто перетягучи.

Уникайте конфліктів

Get a warning if multiple shifts are scheduled simultaneously for an employee.


Manage all shifts by organizing them by role, by employee or by project.

Аналіз зведеної таблиці

Створіть розширені зведені таблиці та експортуйте дані у файли .xls, щоб відкрити їх у іншому програмному забезпеченні.

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Odoo improved resource management, making planning and invoicing more efficient, enhancing communication and collaboration.

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