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Bring your story to life. Format and craft your text, insert media, structure your content, … everything is done frontend, just like that. Produce engaging and visually appealing content, and say goodbye to technical hurdles.


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Engaging user experience. Build loyalty and convert visitors into customers that could become your ambassadors.

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Increase your visibility. Create and optimize content to get a better ranking in search engines and get more visitors.

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Конструкторські блоки

Drag and drop designed blocks to create beautiful blog posts. Blocks are highly customizable, from the content to the layout.

Free to use pictures

Illustrate your blog articles with high-quality free images and photos available in Unsplash, a recognized stock photography library.


Install different languages and translate the content of any page in-line.

Ім'я домену

Get a free domain name for one year, fully yours to use as you please.


Integrated with Plausible to help you follow your website and eCommerce metrics. Get a clear picture of your best pages.

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