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Odoo is the ultimate project management software. Organize tasks and stakeholders, get a comprehensive overview of your project, and boost team productivity like never before.

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Projects overview

Different needs, different views

The power of sticky notes. The Kanban view organizes tasks by stage. Drag and drop them like sticky notes and keep your pipeline neatly organized.

Plan and schedule. The Gantt view is a timeline that gives you an overview of your tasks, their dependencies, and planned dates.

Precision is key. The List view shows you all the data you need and allows you to perform batch actions. Simple and powerful.

Enjoy a comprehensive dashboard

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Foster collaboration to boost efficiency

Involve your customers. Decide what parts of your project stakeholders can view and edit. Manage all your communication on one simple interface.


Time is money

Timesheet and invoice. Bill your customers according to the time spent on tasks or set up milestones to spread the costs of larger projects.

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Always know where your project stands

Project updates are generated in real-time and give a detailed overview of profitability, milestones, resources, and tasks.

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All the features
done right.


Get a clear understanding of your upcoming schedule.


Track major progress points that must be reached to achieve success.

Track costs and revenues

Integrate with budgets, timesheets, purchases, and sales.

Task management

Create subtasks, recurring tasks, and dependencies.

Document management

Dedicated workspace for each project.


Use predefined dashboards or build your own with advanced reporting engine.

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Odoo is the backbone of Kick & Rush, fostering collaboration, providing consistency, and adapting to unique requirements.

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