Easy to configure

Set up and start making calls in just a few steps.


Integrate with VoIP providers that support the SIP protocol. (We've personally tested Zoiper and Linphone, Axivox).

Calls and Messages


Call any number in Odoo with one click.

Simultaneous ring

All your devices will ring when someone calls your number.

Call transfer

Transfer a caller to a colleague or a team.

Use any device

Odoo VoIP works on your computer, smartphone, tablet, or VoIP phone. Handle calls directly from your web browser or in Odoo's mobile app.

Call usability

Access the dialpad during a call. After typing a number, hitting enter starts the call to increase efficiency and improve the user experience. It is beneficial when a vocal menu is enabled.

E164 number matching

Better matching between phone numbers and contacts using standard E164 formatting.


Full database integration

Make a call and manage tasks from any Odoo app.

VoIP widget

Make/receive calls and schedule follow-ups within the widget.

Integrated providers

Choose from various VoIP providers to access a full array of VoIP features.


Log notes, send messages to your customers, and schedule activities while you're on a call.

CRM integration (and other Odoo apps)

Schedule activities from the chatter in any Odoo app. Integrates with apps like CRM, Sales, Helpdesk, Invoicing, and more

Provider features

Worldwide calling

Call from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world.

Dial-plan architecture

Dial-by-number, voice introductions, voicemails, call queues, and conferences can all be structured to create a unique user experience pathway when a call is received.

Dynamic caller IDs

Make or receive calls using different country/area codes to support your users where they are located.

Call forwarding and simultaneous ringing

Call actions when a user is already on a call. Forward a call to another user or number and simultaneous ringing to others with an integrated provider.

Call queues

Support your customers with a bank of representatives available for customer support, sales, or whatever call center environment your company runs.

Conference calls

Join group calls in virtual conference rooms to ensure everyone is on the same page.