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180 Smoke Vape Store
180 Smoke Vape Store Hộ gia đình
180 Smoke manufactures the highest quality e-juices and provides a diverse variety of curated devices and accessories for all types of smokers across the globe. The company has multiple locations in Canada and the United States. For more information visit :
Es una nueva plataforma de viajes que te ofrece hasta 70% de descuento en los mejores hoteles del mundo.
1st Horizon is a truly multi-disciplinary survey, mapping and measurement provider offering many complimentary services, nationally and globally. They were using many different software’s to manage their business and were finding the double entry of data and the fact none of the software’s talked to each other increasingly frustrating. After a discovery session with Sapentia they were very happy to have a software to do everything and to be bespoke to the way they work. They currently utilise CRM, sales and pipeline and project management to support the growth of their company.
1Up SAS Bán sỉ/Bán lẻ
1UP vous apporte son expertise pour vous accompagner tout au long de vos démarches d’achat en Chine. Avec de nombreuses années d’expérience dans la distribution, notre équipe possède des compétences aiguisées et souhaite apporter aux marchés français et européens une réelle valeur ajoutée.
2 Плюс България АД
2 Плюс България АД Thuộc về khoa học
2 Plus Bulgaria AD is a provider of technologies and services, which it adapts and implements using an individual approach to each client. Using a wide range of high-tech solutions and the acquired experience of their team, they guarantee solutions that are skillfully designed and professionally integrated. ITEX Bulgaria helps the team of 2 Plus Bulgaria AD in the project of implementation of Odoo and is doing the necessary local support.
200 Fahrenheit B.V.
200 Fahrenheit B.V. Bán sỉ/Bán lẻ
200° Fahrenheit biedt het ultieme barbecue concept. Maak kennis met de bijzondere kenmerken van onze merken.

Koos voor Alpiek vanwege onze teamgerichte en flexibele aanpak, onze jarenlange ervaring en ons klantvriendelijke team.
21 The Netherlands
21 The Netherlands
21theNetherlands organiseert al meer dan 15 jaar bedrijfsevenementen en incentives. Om een betere beheersing en integratie van de Sales en realisatieprocessen te kunnen verwezenlijken is Odoo gekozen om dit te ondersteunen. In een ‘natuurlijke’ overgang wordt de bestaande software vervangen door Odoo.
212F Pty Ltd
212F Pty Ltd
"We are the only B2B Engagement Agency that challenges how incentive, reward and loyalty programs should work"

22 Consult
22 Consult IT/Truyền thông
22 Consult is een voetbal agency, gespecialiseerd in het opvolgen van spelers en in het
verwezenlijken van professionele voetbaltransfers en sponsoring, zowel in het binnen als
in het buitenland. Odoo zal hen helpen bij het centraliseren van hun gegevens.

22 Consult is a football agency specialised in guiding players at all stages of their careers and in realising professional football transfers and sponsorships, both in Belgium and abroad. Odoo will help them to centralize their data.
24-7 Fire Protection
24-7 Fire Protection
At 24/7 Fire Protection Inc., it is our mission to create a competitive edge within the fire protection industry by offering quality design and installation services for your fire sprinkler needs. We begin by building relationships that secure the trust of customers within the common understanding that we are only successful if our customers are successful.