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Odoo Point of Sale is the perfect solution to provide seamless service in any type of restaurant, from a food truck to a concept cocktail bar.

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One interface
for seamless service

Launch/pause orders mũi tên
Ghi chú mũi tên
mũi tên Chương trình khách hàng thân thiết
mũi tên Split payments
mũi tên Reliable online & offline
Filter by product categories mũi tên
mũi tên Intuitive display

Self ordering is the future

Let your clients call the shots, and give your waitstaff a breather. From the kiosk or their smartphones, customers can do everything by themselves, from the order to the payment.

floor plans

Next-level teamwork. Real-time floorplan allows your staff to immediately see which tables need assistance, keeping the clients happy and turning tables faster.

Seamless order preparation

Fire up those orders. The preparation display lets your staff know exactly which orders to prepare and when. Create multiple displays for the kitchen and the bar for smooth service, any day, any time.

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đều ưu việt.

Tương thích với mọi thiết bị

Swift setup on any tablet, desktop, laptop, smartphone, kiosks, and more.

Integrated payments

Use cash, checks, and credit card payment methods are available, and add other payment methods in a flash.

In trong nhà bếp

Send the order instructions to the bar and kitchen printers according to the product category.

Thanh toán offline

Payments made offline are automatically synchronized when you are reconnected.

Split bills & tips

Flexible payment management to keep your clients as well as staff satisfied.

Customer loyalty

Keep track of returning customers and reward them with points, discounts, and more.

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Odoo is very helpful in assisting us in making high-quality decisions. It’s integrated, user-friendly, and last but not least, it offers exceptional value for the price.

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Muhammad Ali Ariansyah
Director of Abuba Steak

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