Knowledge is power

Odoo Knowledge lets you centralize all your organization’s important information, work on it as a team, and access it from any Odoo app.

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Knowledge App

Build any page,
communicate any idea

Powerful text editor. Type the `/` shortcut to present your content in its best form, and integrate dynamic data from all your business apps.

knowledge image knowledge image Collaborate simultaneously mũi tên
Pivot tables are updated in real-time! Crazy!

Endless ways to structure your info

Flexible data organization. Sort your content with custom fields, and navigate through it with perzonalized views and filters.

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knowledge image mũi tên Keep control

Who gets access?
You decide!

Manage access rights. Choose who gets to see and manage your content. You can even share the page with the world.

Some things are best kept secret

Knowledge at your fingertips

Integrate your knowledge base across all your business apps. Insert pre-written content to instantly communicate with your customers, answer helpdesk tickets, describe new project tasks, and much more!

Saving yourself time mũi tên knowledge image

Mọi tính năng
đều ưu việt.


Export as PDF

Download the view and information you need.


Cộng tác

Work simultaneously on your content.


Autosave and revision history

Never lose your past and current work.

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Odoo’s scalability gives us confidence that as we expand to additional European countries in the future, it will seamlessly support our growth. We are excited to have a flexible solution that can easily adapt to new jurisdictions, ensuring a smooth and compliant point of sale experience wherever we go.

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Leo Simalla
Co-founder of Plantes pour Tous

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