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AASAM General Trading
AASAM General Trading
ASAM Trading is a leading retail supplier in Kuwait, catering to both B2B and B2C customers. ASAM Trading has established a trusted brand in Kuwait's retail business by focusing on importing international items and delivering them to the local market.

The comprehensive product offering of ASAM Trade covers a diverse range of high-quality items from throughout the world. The firm is dedicated to supplying the greatest products at cheap costs to its consumers, and its staff of experienced experts works tirelessly to guarantee that all items meet the highest quality requirements.

ASAM Trading, as a B2B merchant, works directly with businesses of all sizes to supply them with the items they require to run smoothly and successfully.
The Odoo ERP Enterprise Edition version 15 caters to various requirements for business management. Modules for B2C/B2B sales management, consignment sales, local/foreign purchases, landed cost calculations, barcode management, lot monitoring with expiration, inventory changes, re-ordering rules, accounting reports, and customer statement of accounts and follow-up are available (company and branch-wise).

In addition, the program integrates with prominent e-commerce platforms like Shopify and payment providers like UPayment. The program has a daily backup capability to assure data protection and continuity. The software's extensive feature set and integrations make it an excellent alternative for firms trying to streamline their operations and boost productivity.

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Aafaq Bookstore
Aafaq Bookstore
تأسست مكتبة آفاق في الكويت بشغف للكتب ورؤية لتصبح وجهة مفضلة لمحبي القراءة في البلد. منذ بدايتنا، كنا ملتزمين بتقديم مجموعة متنوعة من الكتب التي تلبي مختلف الاهتمامات والاحتياجات لعملائنا.

نحن نؤمن بأن القراءة والتعلم هما أساس النمو الشخصي والمهني، ونحن ملتزمون بجعل هذه الفرص متاحة لجميع أفراد مجتمعنا. يعمل فريقنا المؤلف من عشاق الكتب والمحترفين بلا كلل على مراجعة مجموعتنا، والتي تتضمن أحدث وأكثر الكتب شعبية في مختلف الأنواع، بما في ذلك الأدب الخيالي وغير الخيالي، وكتب الأطفال، والكتب الدراسية، وغير ذلك الكثير.

تتجلى التزامنا بالتعليم والتعلم مدى الحياة في مجموعتنا من المواد التعليمية، التي تشمل دليل الدراسة والكتب المرجعية وغيرها من المصادر التي تدعم الأغراض الأكاديمية والمهنية.

في مكتبة آفاق، نحن أكثر من مجرد مكتبة، نحن مجتمع. نحن نسعى لخلق بيئة شاملة وودية حيث يمكن لمحبي الكتب اكتشاف أفكار جديدة، والتواصل مع الأفراد ذوي الأهواء المماثلة، والمشاركة في التبادل الثقافي. تهدف فعالياتنا الثقافية والأنشطة، مثل توقيع الكتب، والمحاضرات الحوارية، والمبادرا
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Accurate is Kuwait based Financial Auditing and consulting on Businesses and helps them to channelize their focus and find out mistakes in their day today financial.This company faced a number of challenges prior to integrating Odoo into their operations, including difficulty in managing their clients' financial data efficiently and accurately. They also had challenges in tracking their employee's billable hours and invoicing clients on time.
After integrating Odoo into their operations, the company saw significant improvements in their business processes. Here are a few examples:
1. Efficient Financial Data Management: Odoo's accounting module allowed the company to manage their clients' financial data efficiently and accurately. They were able to create invoices, manage expenses, and record payments all in one place.
2. Streamlined Time Tracking: With Odoo's time tracking module, the company was able to monitor their employee's billable hours accurately. They were able to easily track and report on the time spent on each client project, making invoicing more accurate and efficient.
3. Improved Invoicing: Odoo's invoicing module allowed the company to generate invoices quickly and easily. They were able to customize the invoices to meet their clients' needs and send them out promptly, resulting in faster payments.
Overall, the integration of Odoo into this financial auditing and consulting company's operations resulted in significant improvements in their business processes. They were able to better manage their clients' financial data, track billable hours more accurately, and generate invoices more efficiently. This allowed them to provide better service to their clients, increase revenue, and grow their business

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