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Abin group is an offshore company that was established by a group of industry professionals who have hands-on experience in the introduction and development of all types of various infrastructure services.
AddBloom SAL
AddBloom SAL Giải trí
Their challenge: local accounting software with many limitations on the reporting, not user friendly and not accessible from outside the office.
How Azkatech, the official Odoo partner helped them: provide their customization on the accounting module of Odoo and unlimited reporting that is basic in Odoo features and hosting the service on the cloud.
Addbloom is full service social media and digital marketing agency with offices in Lebanon, Dubai and North America. Addbloom has grew throughout the years to collect multi-national clients.
Addbloom had a local accounting software but yet missing lots of features and functionalities. Odoo accounting module with Azkatech customization for the Lebanese chart of account and VAT declaration has provided Addbloom with the essential platform to move all their history accounting data to Odoo.
Integrating two level companies to manage the S.A.L and Offshore registered companies from one single platform allowing to have consolidated financial reports, P&L and cash flow.
On another hand, the cloud hosting made it easy for manager to access important information on the go and while abroad and makes timely and informed decisions.
Akiki S.A.R.L
Akiki S.A.R.L Bán sỉ/Bán lẻ
Akiki’s Cigars is one of the top tobacco and cigar reseller in Lebanon, with a company that includes several subsidiaries and works on imports, exports, and more. It is voted as the best address for smoking lovers with a specialty revolving around offering every smoker the right tobacco product, taking into consideration the quality and standards for every customer.

Due to the digital transformation implemented by an experienced team at Ever Business Solutions, Akiki’s was able to manage and track all of its documents efficiently, while recording the necessary information about their physical locations. The software granted the company the ability to access any document instantly, while recording any related information with roles and shortcuts, and several levels of workspaces.
Azkatech IT/Truyền thông
Azkatech is an official Odoo partner in Lebanon, and we are ready and waiting to help you with Odoo implementation Lebanon wide and beyond – as well as customization, troubleshooting, and ERP development for all types of businesses and industries.

The Azkatech team has over two decades of comprehensive experience in Software development and ERP implementation and boasts a good deal of satisfied customers worldwide who choose us when they are looking for an Odoo partner in Lebanon for all things ERP.

As a local company with a global presence, we pride ourselves on our innovative approach to ERP implementation and customization, and have built up a strong reputation as the best Odoo company in Lebanon has to offer. Whether you’ve just begun exploring your options and aren’t sure where to start or if you are looking to upgrade your current ERP software to a more responsive and comprehensive alternative, we are here for you when you need us.

We can help you to control and centralise your business systems, reduce admin time, and cut costs, leaving you free to get on with what matters to you: running your business. If you need a local, professional and responsive Odoo developer in Lebanon Azkatech should be your first port of call.

Odoo implementation in Lebanon:
For help with Odoo development in Lebanon or MENA or guidance on how to get the best out of your ERP software, contact Azkatech now to get the experts on your team today.
BMB Systems Offshore sal
BMB Systems Offshore sal IT/Truyền thông
BMB connects mobile field salesforce with Odoo as corporate back office ensuring a real time, robust and comprehensive flow of information. The end result is a complet end-to-end sales force automation application focusing on integrating the planning and execution of field staff activities along with the availability of business critical information right on time.
Bano Trading Sal
Bano Trading Sal Thức ăn
Founded in 1995, Bano has placed itself on the market of supplying innovative products of raw materials, utensils and machinery for the industries of Chocolate, Bakery, Pastry, Ice cream and Horeca with the vision of supplying only under the name of quality.

The Challenge: Bano allied with Puratos, a Belgium based company in order to expand into new markets in the MENA. It required them to have a unified system and aligned with Puratos.
Azkatech, the official Odoo partner helped Bano Trading via analyzing existing processes for Bano Lebanon, gather requirements from Puratos Belgium and provide a solution blueprints that implements both parties requirements.
Then Azkatech implemented the solution in all the MENA region and in two countries in Africa and providing after go live support and maintenance.
Cedarman Sal
Cedarman Sal Nông nghiệp
Their Challenge: finding an accounting and inventory solution affordable, yet having all the elements to grow with the business.
How Azkatech, the official Odoo partner helped them: integrating the essentials modules for this phase along with the Lebanese accounting, yet the modular feature in Odoo will provide them with any future needs.
Cedargreens is an agritech startup cofounded by passionate people to produce the finest quality and freshest vegetables.
Cedargreens is in process of setting a High Technology Controlled Environmental Greenhouses in Kfarhay Batroun North of Lebanon to produce and distribute hyper-local, premium quality, greenhouse grown vegetables and herbs.
They were focusing on getting things right from the beginning. Hence they are aware that starting with the right management software will helps their business grow on international standards.
Azkatech was there first to understand the agriculture business challenges, and helped them implement a business process on top of Odoo ERP solution. Most importantly to manage their financial operations from suppliers, customers and invoicing following the Lebanese standards of accounting.
Cedargreens are now able to have a complete visibility on the operations, and reporting sections on their costs and profits.
Odoo implementation and Azkatech customization was an affordable decision at this stage for Cedargreens, yet having a powerful and full functional system to manage all their processes.
Crumble For Manufacturing and Trading SAL
Crumble For Manufacturing and Trading SAL Sản xuất
Crumble is a leading confectionery and chocolate manufacturing company based in Metn, Lebanon, since 1984. They deal with over 400 clients locally and 100 clients internationally, with a great vision for the best hand-crafted creative sweets.

With the support of an experienced technical team allocated for the project, Ever Business Solutions developed and implemented a customized and tailored solution on top of full Odoo ERP modules to improve the company’s operations: Upgrading the workflow and service performance by providing better decision-making, avoiding redundancy and data loss, and maximizing the yearly profit.
Droptech SAL
Droptech SAL Dịch vụ Khác
Used by a group of companies as CMMS (Computerized maintenance management system) in order to assist in the planning and monitoring of inspection and preventive maintenance, and schedule and track work orders. Business solutions advisors provided the full implementation from business analysis to development and after sale support.
Ever East Med SAL
Ever East Med SAL IT/Truyền thông
Ever East Med is a software vendor specializing in solutions centered across data and analytics technologies, in addition to being a leader in the areas of Content Management, Document and Correspondence Management, Records Management and Archiving.

Upon the release of Odoo V13, Ever East Med were pleased to choose it as their main CRM and customer services system while granting the implementation to Ever Business Solutions. The company was thereby able to manage all their sales, marketing and support tasks on their newly adopted Odoo solution.
Feer Mcqueen Sarl
Feer Mcqueen Sarl Giải trí
FEER McQUEEN is an international hybrid creative agency obsessed with everything new and different. Ever since their beginning in 2011, they have moved forward with this obsession at heart.
They take care of the whole workflow from branding, design, advertising, animation and even studio production.
The challenge: with more than 70 employees working in multidisciplinary digital industries, covering markets in Lebanon, MENA and Europe, it became challenging to keep the tap on projects, teams, tasks, invoicing, profitability by projects, and P&L by department, product or client.
Azkatech, the official Odoo partner helped them via implementing a single solution on top of Odoo that covered Marketing, CRM, Sales, Invoicing, Accounting, and Project Management, in addition to a full-fledged HR system.
The implementation was finalized before the set in of COVID-19, and it turned out to be a great tool that helped FEER McQUEEN to resume work remotely quickly, with minimum overhead.
After the implementation, reports that used to take days to get done manually have now become available with just a single click, thus providing upper management instant insights to act upon.
Fitzpatrick SAL
Fitzpatrick SAL Sản xuất
Fitzpatrick SAL, comprised of a management team with a wealth of experience in the field, has established a manufacturing operation supplying the market with all kinds of metal door sets that are compliant with international technical standards. The scope of material provided range from fire rated doors, sound proof doors, security doors, fire rated rolling shutters and much more.

With the support of Ever Business Solutions, Fitzpatrick adapted an Information System based on Odoo ERP, tackling their accounting, projects, procurement, sales and HR, along with managing their inventory and manufacturing process. The turnkey solution helped them oversee, monitor, track and control operations and business workflows.
Fortium Consulting
Fortium Consulting Dịch vụ Khác
Fortium consulting is a leading auditing and management consulting firm in Lebanon. Fortium provides finance, auditing, and tax management services to its broad customer base across multiple industries in Lebanon and the middle east region.
KITWOOD PLUS s.a.l Hộ gia đình
Their Challenge: disconnected applications for each department, disconnection between branches for the invoicing and accounting.
How Azkatech, the official Odoo partner helped them: integrating one single solution that replaced all the solo applications and sharing data with all branches.
KITWOOD is a leading supplier and producer of high-end kitchens, wardrobes and vanities, in Lebanon since 1981. They are the name for excellence, meticulousness and innovation in the industry of kitchen and cabinet production in Lebanon. Dedication and profound attachment to core business values and ethics are the pillars that make KITWOOD a leader in the market.
Kitwood were using different solo software to manage each department, from CRM, inventory, accounting and price simulation. This wasn’t efficient since operations wasn’t integrated and most importantly they had a bitter experience with their software supplier which prevented them from going online with the manufacturing and price simulation software on time.
Azkatech implemented the whole solution for the sales department along with the pricing modules, invoicing of the customers to be able to fully manage their business using Odoo ERP.
Kitwood management has requested heavy customization on Odoo to meet their specific requirement and UI interface, Azkatech provided all these customizations in a very reasonable time allowing the management to see significant changes in no time.
As of today, all the showrooms are now connected under the same platform sharing data, up to date price simulation. Allowing their sales people to serves their customers more efficiently and shorten the sales cycle, especially in the quotations, follow-ups, invoicing processes from different branches.
Data migration has been done from all their old systems into Odoo.
Kaskasfabrics Sản xuất
Started in 1960 as a small Family Business and expanded over the years with our own controlled Manufacturing Plant in Lebanon, in addition to Contracted Production in China, India, Taiwan, and Turkey
Label Dịch vụ Khác
Online Fashion Atelier that provide premium goods to their customers. Label are using as an online shop, also to plan and manage their manufacturing process.