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Canton de Vaud
Canton de Vaud Công khai tài khoản quản trị
Première région administrative en termes de population en Suisse romande (et troisième canton le plus peuplé de Suisse).
Cash Valuable in Transit (CVIT)
Cash Valuable in Transit (CVIT) Công khai tài khoản quản trị
Cash-in-Transit by Armored Vehicles is one the most important service which we are providing nearly in all over Pakistan. The clients’ cash transits in armored vehicles which are monitored diligently round the clock from the Control Room through GPS, wireless radio system and ST tracking system.

Through our ATM replenishment service banks can avail scheduled service without disturbing daily job functions of the employees. This service helps the Bank employees to avoid any mugging situations or possible robbery, mostly at an offsite ATM facility.

Ecolo Công khai tài khoản quản trị
Ecolo est un parti politique belge de langue française créé en 1980. Il a été l'un des premiers partis verts dans le monde à entrer au Parlement national l'année suivant sa création. Depuis lors, il n'a jamais quitté les parlements ni les lignes de front de la scène politique francophone en Belgique.

La Belgique est un petit pays avec de nombreuses frontières intérieures - Ecolo travaille à une vaste consultation parlementaire, politique et linguistique avec son équivalent flamand Groen! , montrant le même genre de convergence d'idées.
Electronic Security Company
Electronic Security Company Công khai tài khoản quản trị
Electronic Security Company (ESCO) started its journey in 1991 as Electronic Spares, importers and distributors of semiconductor components. Today ESCO is a leading distributor of security and surveillance systems across Pakistan.
Global Academy
Global Academy Công khai tài khoản quản trị
Global Academy for Training and Development – Egypt / Ethraa Future for Training - KSA is a dynamic organization based in Egypt and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with representation in France and United States of America. Global Academy adopts a strong unique strategic vision which is offering the Best Practice methodology and approach for Human and Organizational Development in consultancy, training, employee selection and recruitment of the best calibers in Egypt and the Middle East area. Our sustainable edge lies in a very strong and prestigious steering committee of high profile academics and practioners especially in the human resources, banking and financial fields.

MAM Tours - مام تورز
MAM Tours - مام تورز Công khai tài khoản quản trị
Mam Tours was established in 2013 and since then it has maintained its distinguished tourism services for Hajj and Umrah with its basic business through 14 branches located in Fayoum, Beheira, Tanta, Menoufia and Arish.

Mam Tours is proud that it has succeeded in using the years of its management experience in tourism to serve all our pilgrims and break records to become the first supplier of Hajj and Umrah in Egypt.

Our services extend to include individuals, groups, or institutions by providing all necessary services to ensure that they receive an excellent service. Our Hajj and Umrah trips include staying in the most prestigious hotels near the Kaaba and the holy places, in addition to providing airline reservations, visas, travel insurance, and providing transportation to and from the airport with modern air-conditioned buses.
Stadt Augsburg
Stadt Augsburg Công khai tài khoản quản trị
Stadt Augsburg
Die Stadt Augsburg ist mit rund 300.000 Einwohnern die drittgrößte Stadt im Bundesland Bayern. Der Ballungsraum Augsburg steht bezüglich Bevölkerung und Wirtschaftskraft in Bayern ebenfalls an dritter Stelle und ist Teil der übergeordneten Planungsregion Augsburg, in der etwa 885.000 Menschen leben.
Für die ca. 300 einkaufsberechtigten Abteilungen/Personen der Stadt wurde ein hoch performantes, agiles und in der Usability freundliches ERP-System gesucht und in odoo zzgl. des odoo Partners openfellas gefunden. Die Module Purchase, Sales, E-Commerce und Website sind bei der Stadt im Einsatz. Ein konzipiertes Closed Shop System mit rund 3.000 Lieferanten, Kostenstellenverwaltung, Projektnummernzuordnung, Freitextbestellung, Elektronischer Austausch xml, BME-CAT und diverse Katalogimporte mit 20.000 Produkten/Bildern verschaffen den Mitarbeitern u.a. einen hohen Bedienkomfort.

Ville Alençon
Ville Alençon Công khai tài khoản quản trị
Collectivité territoriale, ville et communauté urbaine.
care services
care services Công khai tài khoản quản trị
Care services is the leading regional security solutions group serving different sectors like banks, factories, malls and compounds, they provide
different security services like guards ,security equipment’s & money transfer