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 Farhgaly Sons
Farhgaly Sons Bán sỉ/Bán lẻ
Ibrahim Farghaly Sons was found and established by Ibrahim Farghaly in 1957 in Alexandria, Egypt. The company, which was formerly known as El Nasr, started off by selling children’s toys that were imported from Germany and Japan from the 50s to the 60s. During that time, Mr. Mahmoud El-Araby, the prominent businessman and the leader of industries and the agent of the famous brands such as: Toshiba, Sharp, Tornado, Seiko, Elba…etc., started his career successfully career and gained his first experiences from our company. Till this day, we’re proud to have had an eminent figure work within our firm. Later on, as Ibrahim Farghaly Sons started incorporating stationery items from huge and worldwide stationery brands, we were agents of the German trademarks Schneider, Staedtler and Geha, as well as the famous French pen brand Bic. Back then, Bic was a very outstanding brand and its pens were the number 1 most used pens in Egypt, up till today. By time, we acquired the British brand Nacet for razors, which was later bought by Gillette. Till this day, those brands are locally manufactured in Egypt and are currently highly consumed by Egyptians and it wouldn’t have happened if they weren’t introduced back then by Ibrahim Farghaly in the 70s. Decades later, Ibrahim Farghaly’s sons carried his legacy and continued to manage the Mansheya branch store, which is the main branch. The store was specialized in selling gifts, all baby needs, and children’s toys. Fast forward to the 1996, Ibrahim Farghaly Sons (IFS) has totally expanded its product range. It has acquired many strong worldwide brands such as: STOR, U.S Polo, Rainbow Max, Quokka, First Kid, Simba, and Roco.
 FinancePlan+ Finanz- und Versicherungsmakler GmbH
FinancePlan+ Finanz- und Versicherungsmakler GmbH Tài chính/Bảo hiểm
In über fünfzehn von Erfolg und Wachstum geprägten Jahren konnten wir Erfahrung und Know-how sammeln, welches wir heute einsetzen, um unseren Kooperationspartnern den bestmöglichen Service zu bieten. Dies hat uns zu einem dynamischen und erfolgreich wachsenden Maklerdienstleister gemacht. Mit unseren Kooperationspartnern führen wir eine jederzeit faire, von Vertrauen und Respekt geprägte Kooperation auf Augenhöhe.
 General Trading Service Center
General Trading Service Center Bán sỉ/Bán lẻ
GTSC is one of the leading wholesalers of all aromatic seeds and almonds in the Gulf, Asia and European region together with the U.S and South America. While GTSC was established in Syria, we also have an office in Turkey to coordinate trade between Asia and Europe.
 Havilah Merchants Limited
Havilah Merchants Limited
Located in Lagos, Nigeria, the Havilah Group was incorporated in 1995 as a Book Consolidator and a one-stop-shop for library services. It began with partnerships and distributorship agreements with major book publishers around the world. Today, the Havilah Group offers a comprehensive library and archiving solutions alongside HavilahBooks, Nigeria’s premier online bookstore and its own publishing arm, Bamboo Publishing.
 HydroSpray Wash Systems, Inc.
HydroSpray Wash Systems, Inc. Bán sỉ/Bán lẻ
Your one stop shop for all Car wash and Pressure wash equipment, Parts, and Service!
IT FIRST BV IT/Truyền thông
IT FIRST is located in Netherlands and is a total supplier of hardware, software, peripherals, printing supplies, media, telecom, data and network products.
 Infotrans Caribbean N.V. , Infrotrans Group
Infotrans Caribbean N.V. , Infrotrans Group
Durante 25 años INFOTRANS ha sido el integrador de servicios número 1 en el caribe siendo un gran aliado y proveedor de soluciones de infraestructura, comunicaciones y tecnología con un completo portafolio de servicios. Nuestra casa matriz se encuentra en la isla de Curazao y tenemos sucursales en Aruba, Bonaire, Surinam, St. Maarten, Guyana y ahora en COLOMBIA. Contamos con la plataforma ODOO para 15 empresas en 7 Países implementada por TODOO, la cual está integrada en todos nuestros procesos.​
 Ingenium BY D CC S.A.
Ingenium BY D CC S.A.
Fundada en el 2008 en San José, Costa Rica con el nombre de DC Consultores, a comienzos del 2012 la compañía emprende un ambicioso proyecto de expansión internacional y crecimiento en el portafolio de servicios. Por lo que decide cambiar el nombre comercial a Ingenium.
 Innovate investment Real Estate Company
Innovate investment Real Estate Company Bất động sản
Innovest Properties Company, specialized and focused on properties development sector. Adopt innovative ways of building energy-saving and raising standards of quality of life. The company is committed to developing a fully-fledged residential project. Innovest has teamed up with leading local companies and pioneered the use of smart building technology, rapid construction of homes and giant international companies in implementing residential units in record time.
 Innovative Systems Co. Ltd. (ISys)
Innovative Systems Co. Ltd. (ISys) IT/Truyền thông
A consulting company spanning two verticals—viz., automation technology and Telecommunication technology, Innovative Systems focuses on implementing relevant solutions to meet specific customer requirements. Innovative Systems has business and technology partners around the globe.
At Innovative Systems, customer satisfaction through our quality services is a priority. We provide you with true value-for-investment solutions, technological advantages, and immediate reliable support.
Our focus areas are Automation Technology and Telecommunication Technology.
 Insumos Para Colombia SAS
Insumos Para Colombia SAS
Empresa dedicada a la distribución de insumos para la confección de calzado; ofrecemos un servicio de alta calidad y podemos cumplir todas tus expectativas, con los MEJORES PRECIOS del mercado.
KOBA Vision werd in 1988 opgericht door blinden en slechtzienden elektronicus Johan Haagdorens.
Zijn zoektocht naar een leesapparaat met een groot scherm was het motief voor hem om de beeldschermloepen door hemzelf te produceren.
Het resultaat was een hoge kwaliteit beeldschermloep die specifiek aan de eisen voldoet voor de visueel gehandicapten.
Individualização de água, gás e eficiência Energética.
 LUZ Private Limited
LUZ Private Limited
Luz Private Limited (Luz) is a leading supplier of integral lighting solutions for professional indoor and outdoor lighting applications.
 Luxury Goods Trading Co.
Luxury Goods Trading Co. Bán sỉ/Bán lẻ
Luxury Goods Trading Co, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, is founded by Dr. Mohammed Fitaihi in 2004. The company operates two fine jewelry brands called Baby Fitaihi, M. Fitaihi, and Mamluki.

Baby Fitaihi was found in 2005 and became the leading and first jewelry brand targeting newborns & children, with capturing a large market share. The brand has around 20 showrooms in major cities in Saudi Arabia and UAE. In addition to its physical stores, Baby Fitaihi sells through its’ online store “ and other Omni channels such as in UAE and in Kuwait.

Baby Fitaihi offers high quality, unique and luxurious designs from a wide range of collections, along with providing wonderful shopping experience through their showroom’s interior designs. All Jewelry items are made of 18K gold with diamonds and precious and semi-precious stones.

M. Fitaihi is a house of international jewelry designer brands for modern women. The brand is founded in March 2015 as a jewelry boutique in Ana Ghair Mall, Jeddah by re-branding the old brand "Fitaihi Junior". Fitaihi Junior was started in 1997 and operated until the opening of M. Fitaihi. M. Fitaihi showcases jewelry designs of its own collections and hosts most renowned upcoming jewelry designers in the world with their brands such as Suzanne Kalan, Anita Ko, Jacqui Aiche, Alessa, Sara Weinstock, Yeprem, Sevan Bicackci, among others. In addition to the store, M. Fitaihi also sells through its’ online store called
Empresa con más de 26 años de investigación y desarrollo en laboratorios cosméticos, cátedra universitaria, practica profesional privada, ofrecen cosméticos con parámetro de seguridad de Acción, Presentación Acabado, y estabilidad.