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CV Norton
CV Norton Bán sỉ/Bán lẻ
CV Norton is a building material distributor based in Surabaya, Indonesia. They provide construction materials to businesses and individuals such as doors, sanitation, ceramics, lighting, and paint supplies from well-known brands such as LG, Makita, American Standard, Dulux, Fujiyama, and dozens more.
CV Tjahaja Baru
CV Tjahaja Baru Bán sỉ/Bán lẻ
CV Tjahaja Baru is an official Yamaha motorcycle dealer in the city of Padang. They distribute the latest Yamaha motorcycles and accessories like apparel, helmets, Yamalube at affordable prices across Indonesia. They also process an official workshop for motorcycle services, spare parts and spare parts.
Central Jayatama Abadi., PT
Central Jayatama Abadi., PT Bán sỉ/Bán lẻ
Central Jayatama Abadi founded in 1985 by Jie Kwong, Central is your family-run local hardware store, and is an integrated one-stop shop solution for our customers, ranging from household to industrial equipments and services. Central offers a wide variety of tools, fitings, electrical, safety, housewares, foods, along with, reparation and maintenance services, that is customized to the user’s specific needs.
Cleveland Cyclewerks Indonesia (PT. Sumatra Motor Indonesia)
Cleveland Cyclewerks Indonesia (PT. Sumatra Motor Indonesia) Bán sỉ/Bán lẻ
PT Sumatra Motor Indonesia (SMI) is an Authorized Distributor/Dealership of Harley-Davidson North Sumatera and also an Authorized Distributor / Dealership of Cleveland Cyclewerks Indonesia. As an Cleveland Cyclewerks Indonesia dealer, riders can find 3 available models of Cleveland Cyclewerks, as well as custom motorbike models and accessories at SMI showroom. They pride theirselves on professional service and customer satisfaction.
Lizzie Parra Kreasi, PT.
Lizzie Parra Kreasi, PT. Bán sỉ/Bán lẻ
BLP Beuaty adalah kosmetik merek local Indonesia yang memulai perjalanannya pada Juni 2016 dengan percaya bahwa Beauty is for Everyone dan Confidence Comes From Within.

BLP Beauty memulai dengan 8 nuansa Lipcoat dan sampai saat ini BLP Beauty memiliki lebih dari 100 SKU dari kategori #OnTheLips #InYourEyes, #Faceit. Lebih dari 50.000 anggota aktif dalam saluran distribusi online dan 5 saluran offine yang dikenal dengan Beauty Space by Lizzie Parra di Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, dan Surabaya. Implementasi Odoo yang diterapkan oleh BLP Beauty adalah Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Accounting dan Invoicing, Manufacture, Expense dan Studio.
Ong Houseware
Ong Houseware Bán sỉ/Bán lẻ
Ong Houseware is a company engaged in trading / retail. At Ong Houseware we provide quality electronic & non-electronic goods according to your needs at low prices and the best service. Ong Houseware can do compete selling goods with low prices and good quality.
PT ASTRA AUTO TRUST, also known as Toyota Trust, is a wholly owned subsidiary of PT. Astra International Tbk, which was established in 2016. Toyota Trust is a new Auto2000 service that helps customers trade in their old vehicle for a Toyota vehicle, and sells quality used vehicles with official Toyota Astra Motor guarantees.
PT Moiz Indonesia
PT Moiz Indonesia Bán sỉ/Bán lẻ
PT Moiz Indonesia belongs to Moiz Asia Group, which offers products and services in four core areas: real estate, lifestyle, renewable energy, and technology. PT Moiz Indonesia was established in 2003 as the company's first subsidiary in the textile and garment industry. They currently have sales offices in the area of Jakarta and West Java. Customers range from garment manufacturers to retail and grocery stores across Indonesia.
PT Partsindo Servicatama
PT Partsindo Servicatama Bán sỉ/Bán lẻ
PT Partsindo Servicatama started the business in 1997 under the name CV Partsindo. In 2000, they transformed into PT Partsindo Servicatama. They focus on supply and service for Fire Suppression System, Automatic Lubrication Systems, Hydraulic hoses & Fittings, and other integrated products.

PT Partsindo Servicatama have commitment to supply the quality products and excellent after sales sevice to Customers. They have reliable and qualified technical support team in fully trained to support all of the customers.
PT. Alamboga Internusa
PT. Alamboga Internusa Bán sỉ/Bán lẻ
Alamboga Internusa started its operations in 1990 as a family business with a vision to bring quality food & ingredients from Australia & New Zealand to Indonesia, with specific focus on Bali island. From 8 people and 2 refrigerated trucks, the company successfully grew to 120 employees and keeps growing further.
PT. Jasutra Motor
PT. Jasutra Motor Bán sỉ/Bán lẻ
PT. Jasutra Motor is a company with the experience and capabilities to provide car repairs as well as sell car spare parts both online and in-store.
PT. Revass Utama Medika
PT. Revass Utama Medika Bán sỉ/Bán lẻ
PT Revass Utama Medika menyediakan produk alat kesehatan yang lengkap terutama di bidang kardiologi, didukung oleh jaringan distribusi yang luas dan sumber daya manusia yang terampil & terintegrasi.
Partsindo Global Servicatama, PT.
Partsindo Global Servicatama, PT. Bán sỉ/Bán lẻ
PT. Partsindo Servicatama adalah perusahaan yang bergerak di bidang supplier, jasa pabrikasi, jasa design dan maintenance sparepart untuk industri berskala international. Merupakan perusahaan importir beberapa produk seperti merk Fire Suppression System CHUBB, Autolube GRACO merk MANULI & merk Fluid Hose Connection DIXON. Implementasi yang telah diterapkan adalah CRM, Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Accounting, Manufacturing, Expenses, Leave/Time-Off.
Ruby Privatindo, PT.
Ruby Privatindo, PT. Bán sỉ/Bán lẻ
Didirikan pada tahun 1998, PT. Ruby Privatindo (“Rubyndo”) terjun sebagai produsen dan pengekspor komoditas hasil kebun dan produk segar dari negara Indonesia yang didistribusikan keseluruh dunia. Rubyndo memiliki dan mengoperasikan proses manufaktur dan pergudangan yang canggih di seluruh wilayah Indonesia dan memiliki sumber bahan baku dan jaringan logistik yang terintegrasi untuk memungkinkan pemeliharaan kualitas dan pengiriman produk yang baik dan juga efisien.
Vitamin Diskon
Vitamin Diskon Bán sỉ/Bán lẻ
VitaminDiskon merupakan platform e-commerce yang dirilis oleh PT. Samudra Retail Indonesia yang menyediakan berbagai produk healthcare, personal care dan kecantikan dari brand ternama seperti Curcuma Plus, Azalea, Erha, Pokana, Naturesplus, Sidomuncul dan brand lainnya.

Tim Nurosoft membantu VitaminDiskon untuk mengintegrasikan Odoo Sales, Inventory, Accounting, & Purchase dengan online marketplace seperti Tokopedia, Shopee, Lazada, Blibli, dan JD.ID
Wira Agung
Wira Agung Bán sỉ/Bán lẻ
Wira Agung is a furniture and office equipment distributor based in Padang. They propose around 2000 products and sell their them as-is or by package, but without modification.