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 Designers club
Designers club Bán sỉ/Bán lẻ
DC is a Fashion boutique, Multi Brand Store located in Muscat - Oman
Abaq Al-Ebdaa Co. for Trad & Cont. LLC
Abaq Al-Ebdaa Co. for Trad & Cont. LLC Bán sỉ/Bán lẻ
ABAQ AL EBDAA was established in 2009 with its corporate office registered at Muscat with an objective to provide comprehensive solutions and services to its clients in the Sultanate of Oman, like sourcing high-quality products and services from all around the world. Our employees having specialized knowledge of sourcing, projects management, logistics and planning and working closely together with our customers and clients in the market.

Al Maraya United Trading Style Passport Boutiqe
Al Maraya United Trading Style Passport Boutiqe Bán sỉ/Bán lẻ
Style Passport: a leading designer boutique for abayas and dresses that are trendy and elegant. One for every occasion. Pick one off the rack or get one customized for that special event!

Located in Oman, Azaba south and grand mall.
Al-Afnan Computers
Al-Afnan Computers Bán sỉ/Bán lẻ
Al-Afnan Computers offers high quality products at very competitive prices and superior services with a mission of upgrade and update the consumers with latest technology in the fields of information & entertainment with the best possible low cost.

Our business activities encompass imports of Electronic & Electrical machines, Computer systems & Peripherals, Programs & Software, and all associated components & accessories.
AlThaoq AlRafea
AlThaoq AlRafea Bán sỉ/Bán lẻ
لذوق الرفيع شركة عمانية أسسها شاب عماني طموح, كان يعشق العطور منذ نعومة أضافره, و ذلك لأنه نشأ في بيئة عربية شغوفة بالعطور و اللبان العماني, هذا الشاب منذ أن كان طفلا, كان يشتري العطور بكل ما يملك من مال
و في سنة 2009 بدأ هذا الشاب بتحقيق حلمه بافتتاح الفرع الأول للذوق الرفيع
Huge Sports
Huge Sports Bán sỉ/Bán lẻ
"Olympia Sports is A Highly Experienced Group Of Health And Fitness Equipment Experts With Over Fifty Years Experience In The Health And Fitness Industry Who Have Joined Together To Produce A Unique Brand Of Fitness Equipment.
Muscat Global Medical Supplies
Muscat Global Medical Supplies Bán sỉ/Bán lẻ
Muscat Global Medical Supplies is a family owned business that focuses on the sale and supply of high quality medical and dental instruments, equipment and consumables.

Founded in 2017 and based out of Muscat, the capital carrying out business throughout Oman and the rest of the Gulf Countries (GCC), the owners have a vast experience in the medical and dental fields.
New Smart Way SPC
New Smart Way SPC Bán sỉ/Bán lẻ
large retail store operated on a self-service basis, selling groceries, fresh produce, meat, bakery and dairy products, and sometimes an assortment of nonfood goods.
Ozel Lift
Ozel Lift Bán sỉ/Bán lẻ
Özel Lift is a group specialized in providing its customers with the safest movement-providing-machines like elevators, escalators and auto-parking systems. Özel Lift experience dates back to 1995 when we first started directly by following the steps of advanced and modern systems that were developed throughout the years.

Özel Lift are masters in industrial manufacturing with 25 years of experience and 10+ awards!
Salem Mohiyaddin Bin Saif & Bros.
Salem Mohiyaddin Bin Saif & Bros. Bán sỉ/Bán lẻ
Salem Group, located in Salalah, is a leading Omani trading and construction services company and is a market leader in diverse and numerous market segments. Salem Group has earned recognition for undertaking large and complex projects, fostering innovation, embracing emerging technologies, and making a difference for their clients, employees and community in Salalah and other major areas of Oman like Muscat, Sohar and Nizwa.
Sohar Industrial Port Company
Sohar Industrial Port Company Bán sỉ/Bán lẻ
SOHAR Port and Freezone is a deep-sea Port and Freezone in the Sultanate of Oman, managed by SOHAR Industrial Port Company (SIPC), a 50:50 joint venture between the Port of Rotterdam and the Sultanate of Oman.
Trans Peninsula Service & Project LLC
Trans Peninsula Service & Project LLC Bán sỉ/Bán lẻ
Transpeninsula LLC primarily is a pharmaceutical company dealing with international brands and servicing the government Sector. A well-established company since 2001, Transpeninsula LLC have been well known for its dedicated service within Oman and the brands it represents.