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Smart Distribution (Pvt.) Ltd.
Smart Distribution (Pvt.) Ltd.
Smart Distribution (Pvt.) Ltd. is a rapidly growing enterprise in Bangladesh that imports high-quality consumer goods. For over fifteen years, the company has been dedicated to increasing its brand value by offering superior products from Europe and Turkey. It began its journey by exclusively distributing Mitsubishi media products and Brother Fax machines from Singapore. In 2004, Smart Distribution expanded its focus to FMCG products. With a strong commitment to delivering top-quality goods at reasonable prices, the company introduced renowned European brands such as Nannys baby love diapers, Tender adult diapers, and Nannys baby wipes.

As part of its expansion efforts, Smart Distribution entered into an agreement with Carlsberg Group to market their non-alcoholic malted drinks "MOUSSY" and "HOLSTEN" in Bangladesh, strategically diversifying its product offerings. The company also started promoting Turkey's popular "SMART" brand shoe and leather care products, emphasizing their slogan, "the smartest way to take care of." Additionally, Smart Distribution secured exclusive dealership rights for Turkey's "SANSIRO" brand perfumery products, which includes the innovative pocket perfume named "PEN PERFUME." To meet the growing demand of mid-level customers and provide comprehensive product support, the company has introduced its own Smart baby diapers, Turkey's Fresh life adult diapers, Fresh maker brand wet tissues, and Indonesian original Formula toothbrushes.

Smart Distribution envisions making a valuable contribution by providing quality products. Its mission is to offer world-class FMCG products in Bangladesh while contributing to national development through ethical business practices, empowering people, and embracing change over time.
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