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Jil Insights
Jil Insights IT/Truyền thông
JiL Insights is a Business Technology firm, specializing in ERPs, VOIP, NETWORKS, ONLINE MARKETING and CONSULTANCY. Our passion is to see businesses thrive in an ever dynamic economy by leveraging cost effective modern technology, in an Honest, Diligent and Excellent approach.

Matale Hills Coffee
Matale Hills Coffee
Matale Hill Brothers Ltd is a agricultural company based in Kampala, Uganda. The company is involved in secondary processing and marketing of coffee, sourced from smallholder farmers and local markets across Uganda. After drying, grading and packaging the company exports its coffee to international buyers.
Zion Petrolux Consultants Limited
Zion Petrolux Consultants Limited Dịch vụ Khác
Zion Petrolux Consultants Ltd was established with the intention of providing full-spectrum coverage of the energy sector: Renewable energy and petroleum. ZPLC provides a total solutions package across the entire product cycle. ZPLC responsibility is to think out-of-the-box and implement smart, reliable, efficient and innovative solutions for our customers.