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3MD Pharma Co
3MD Pharma Co Zdravotné/Socialne
Al Karma International Company is one of the fast growing health care suppliers in the Middle East and Gulf Countries, of wide array of the most innovative and latest aesthetic, facial, body and laser medications and technologies in the world.

With the fast growing innovations in aesthetic medicine, we venture to deliver to our customers the best products and devices they require.
3lcost Veľkoobchod/maloobchod
Alcoste is a Kuwaiti company that believes that its customers deserve to have products on products at all beautiful and keep it at the best possible price, we provide our customers with products that are distinguished for beauty care
4fest Výroba
4F.E.S.T. is a leading company providing production services. Over the years in this field, the company has acquired a distinctive reputation for providing the best services from digital fabrication, construction, carpentry, installation, interior, and exterior signage, wide format printing, trade shows, and interior fit-outs services.
We have implemented Odoo to handle all operation cycle; Point of sale & Inventory & Purchases & Manufacture & MPL &Delivery Management & Accounting.
A & S General Trading Company
A & S General Trading Company Veľkoobchod/maloobchod
We provide the best natural, environmentally friendly products in the State of Kuwait.

We are a distribution organization that focuses on green, organic & healthy products and provide its range with one goal to change people’s life into a more sustainable lifestyle.
AASAM General Trading
AASAM General Trading Veľkoobchod/maloobchod
ASAM Trading is a leading retail supplier in Kuwait, catering to both B2B and B2C customers. ASAM Trading has established a trusted brand in Kuwait's retail business by focusing on importing international items and delivering them to the local market.

The comprehensive product offering of ASAM Trade covers a diverse range of high-quality items from throughout the world. The firm is dedicated to supplying the greatest products at cheap costs to its consumers, and its staff of experienced experts works tirelessly to guarantee that all items meet the highest quality requirements.

ASAM Trading, as a B2B merchant, works directly with businesses of all sizes to supply them with the items they require to run smoothly and successfully.
The Odoo ERP Enterprise Edition version 15 caters to various requirements for business management. Modules for B2C/B2B sales management, consignment sales, local/foreign purchases, landed cost calculations, barcode management, lot monitoring with expiration, inventory changes, re-ordering rules, accounting reports, and customer statement of accounts and follow-up are available (company and branch-wise).

In addition, the program integrates with prominent e-commerce platforms like Shopify and payment providers like UPayment. The program has a daily backup capability to assure data protection and continuity. The software's extensive feature set and integrations make it an excellent alternative for firms trying to streamline their operations and boost productivity.

ABC Kuwait
ABC Kuwait Vzdelanie
ABC offer a targeted program for service-based organizations to integrate autism friendly experiences within their environments. From cinemas to recreational centers to schools, we help you create new experiences that take into account people with autism spectrum disorder and their families, in order to provide a more inclusive environment for families and all your visitors alike.

Walnut Software Solutions brought through odoo CRM, Website and Sales apps the best user experience possible for ABC clients and automate the sales and follow-up processes for them.
Accurate Financie/Poistenie
Accurate is Kuwait based Financial Auditing and consulting on Businesses and helps them to channelize their focus and find out mistakes in their day today financial.This company faced a number of challenges prior to integrating Odoo into their operations, including difficulty in managing their clients' financial data efficiently and accurately. They also had challenges in tracking their employee's billable hours and invoicing clients on time.
After integrating Odoo into their operations, the company saw significant improvements in their business processes. Here are a few examples:
1. Efficient Financial Data Management: Odoo's accounting module allowed the company to manage their clients' financial data efficiently and accurately. They were able to create invoices, manage expenses, and record payments all in one place.
2. Streamlined Time Tracking: With Odoo's time tracking module, the company was able to monitor their employee's billable hours accurately. They were able to easily track and report on the time spent on each client project, making invoicing more accurate and efficient.
3. Improved Invoicing: Odoo's invoicing module allowed the company to generate invoices quickly and easily. They were able to customize the invoices to meet their clients' needs and send them out promptly, resulting in faster payments.
Overall, the integration of Odoo into this financial auditing and consulting company's operations resulted in significant improvements in their business processes. They were able to better manage their clients' financial data, track billable hours more accurately, and generate invoices more efficiently. This allowed them to provide better service to their clients, increase revenue, and grow their business

Adawliah Electronics Company
Adawliah Electronics Company
The first specialized company to market Audio and Video entertainment products and solutions in the region
Air Roastery
Air Roastery Jedlo
We started with our passion and love for coffee since 2018.
We continued to expand and spread in Kuwait and the Gulf to provide high quality coffee using air roasting using the latest and highest quality “Loring” roasters, targeting lovers of specialized coffee, so that our coffee would become for them like breathable air.
Air Roastery is located in the State of
Kuwait, Shuwaikh Industrial Area,
and has a platform for selling individuals
and wholesale through the store or website
Al Asfour Group
Al Asfour Group Veľkoobchod/maloobchod
Industry: Lubricants, Car Care, food, Health

Services: Distribute Castrol Lubricants in Kuwait

Al-Futooh International Group, also known as Alfig, is a diversified company that operates in several different industries. The foundation of the company was laid when started operating as a licensed distributor for Castrol lubricants in Kuwait in 2001. Since then, the company has expanded to include other divisions such as Health Quest, which is a food station for healthy diets food, and Auto Quest, which is a one-stop shop for car care.

Alfig needed better and more advanced management tools as they expanded. They needed a way to connect their departments and simplify communication.

We implemented Odoo for them with a combination of modules and features such as documents, accounting, inventory, sales, and more.

Now Alfig is able to acquire a consolidated picture of its operations across many divisions and automate many of its manual procedures. They are now able to better maintain their stock levels and handle their orders.

They can also measure their sales and financial performance and receive insightful information about their operations due to the system’s inventory management, sales management, and financial management tools.

Al Barrak Chemical & Industrial Services Co. W.L.L
Al Barrak Chemical & Industrial Services Co. W.L.L Výroba
Al Barrak Chemical & Industrial Services Co. W.L.L is a privately-owned company established in 1997 in Kuwait. BCI manufactures laundry cleaning supplies and plastic. Since our foundation, we have grown to become the main distributor of cleaning, chemical products, and machinery of over 1,000 laundries in Kuwait and GCC countries.

Our products are made for mass distribution and can be custom-created. We are proud of our innovation and commitment to the environment by producing biodegradable plastic. In addition, Al Barrak Chemical & Industrial Services Co. offers a range of machine supply, maintenance, and care.

Through our established warehouse facilities, we also offer unrivaled material handling expertise and logistical capabilities to meet our clients’ specific needs. BCI guarantees the safe, professional, and competent handling of all our products. Al Barrak Chemical Industry values innovation, growth, and client satisfaction.
Al Essa Med Co.
Al Essa Med Co. Zdravotné/Socialne
AL Essa medical is the largest home care provider and home medical equipment retailer in Kuwait.

For over 30 years, professionals in healthcare, analytical and various other industries have experienced Al Essa' proven commitment to deliver total solutions to clients in both private and public institutions, in Kuwait and GCC. With a long and proven experience in introducing cutting-edge healthcare and analytical equipment from world-class manufacturers, their activities range from supplying products, supporting applications and providing maintenance for medical and analytical needs, address human resource requirements through supplemental staffing and home health-care programs, and deliver complete solutions in facility engineering. Till date, AL Essa has executed several projects on a turnkey basis by combining local project management and project support expertise with international technology partners.

We implemented Odoo to handle all operation cycle: Sales, Invoicing, Accounting, Inventory, Purchase, POS, Helpdesk, and CRM.
Al Fares Petro Services
Al Fares Petro Services Výroba
Al-Fares Petro Services was founded in the State of Kuwait in 2007. We believe that “Putting the Customer First” has been the key to our success in recent years. In 2017, Al Fares decided to expand by building an automated, modern gasket factory in Kuwait known as Al-Fares Petro Services to satisfy the increased industry demand in a rapidly expanding economy.

Equipped with the latest high-tech machinery that uses European and US manufacturing technologies. Al-Fares Petro Services uses fully automated machinerfully automated machinery to manufacture all kinds of gaskets at its facility in Kuwait. This facility is an ISO: 9001-2015, ISO: 14001-2015, and ISO: 45001:2018 registered & designed to meet all relevant international standards (ASME, EN, DIN & GIS).

Al Hajri Gulf General Trading and Contracting Co.
Al Hajri Gulf General Trading and Contracting Co. Veľkoobchod/maloobchod
We have implemented Odoo to handle : Accounting and Employees.
Al Hasawi Clinic
Al Hasawi Clinic Zdravotné/Socialne
Alhasawi clinic is skin clinic in 2006, we have matured to become Kuwait’s leading Anti-Aging skin care as well as Dental. Medspa Service provider. We realize that your Anti-aging, cosmetic makeover and beauty encompasses the entire spectrum of your social life so we remain sensitive and understanding to your needs for a pleasant experience along with impeccable service.
That is why we have assembled a team of professional Dermatologist, Dentist ,Nurses, Spa therapist , Beauticians, non medical staff armed with the resources and leading edge technology to provide comprehensive skin care an dental , Med spa programs
Al Janna Honey
Al Janna Honey Jedlo
Al Jana Honey is a key provider in Kuwait & the GCC region, of premium quality & luxurious honey including Mountain Sidr, Wild Acacia Honey, Wild Flora Honey, Manuka Honey, White Clover honey. Alkhuzam & Co. is currently working towards implementing the Odoo system to ensure all management functions are within a single software - Point-of-Sale, Accounting & Invoicing.
Al Jassar Perfumes
Al Jassar Perfumes Veľkoobchod/maloobchod
Al-Jassar Perfumes Company -A Kuwaiti company specialized in the manufacture and sale of perfumes, incense, Oud oil and their accessories, taking the Arab identity as the main character in the design of its stores and products. The company was established in 2006 in the State of Kuwait. After the resounding success in 2007, the company decided to start expanding on the local scale, which was followed by expansion on the Gulf scale. Today, the company includes, praise be to God, nearly sixteen branches in the State of Kuwait, and more than thirty branches in the Gulf countries, Libya and Iraq, and many points of sale in associations and others.