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Port Cities Ltd.
Port Cities has been in business for over 20 years, offering a range of IT Solutions and Management Consulting services for International Trade, Manufacturing, Retail and e-Commerce.
We have more than 100 full-time Odoo consultants based in our offices in Asia (Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia & Vietnam), giving us extensive experience of Odoo implementation and expertise across the full range of Odoo apps. We are the only Odoo Gold Partner in South East Asia.
We understand International Trade, ...
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Arestós Consultant Limited
Arestós, specializes in professional software development. We specialize at:
Arestós,專門從事專業軟件開發。 我們專注於:
■ Enterprise Solutions & Odoo ERP Development 企業解決方案和Odoo ERP開發
■ E-commerce Development 電子商務開發
■ Corporate Web Development 企業網站開發
■ Mobile App Development 移動應用程序開發
■ Business ...
NetMon Information Systems Ltd.
Founded in 1999, NetMon Information Systems Ltd. is a leading value-added distributor of the world’s leading IT products and solution of security, IT management, productivity and connectivity to Hong Kong, Macau and PRC customers.
Star United Logistics Technology Limited
明星物流科技有限公司總部位於香港,擁有專業團隊和成熟的系統, 為企業客戶提供高科技全方位的智能解決方案。我們的客戶遍佈大中華及東南亞, 為了滿足客戶需求,致力提供企業資源計劃及業務顧問服務,並積極地開發物聯網(IoT)進行數據預測分析,並配合人工智能、大數據模擬、雲端計算及軟件開發。我們還為物流業客戶引入先進的全自動倉庫機器人,自動駕駛車輛和無人機監控系統。我們的技術團隊致力開發創新技術,給予客戶貼心的商業分析、系統評估、項目管理及系統設計。

Star United headquartered in Hong Kong. Our professional teams and mature systems provide the high-tech end-to-end intelligent solutions to the customer. We had been provide services for companies in China and South-east Asia to deliver the needed technology solutions, in ...
WANTECH Innovation Technology Ltd
宏圖創新科技 (WANTECH) 致力為香港及國內客戶,提供全面、簡單易用的線上系統解決方案。並致力成為客戶的伙伴,讓客戶放心專注業務發展。


Keep IT simple, Keep IT WANTECH.

WANTECH Innovation Technology Ltd.(WANTECH) is committed not only to providing customers in Hong Kong and China with comprehensive, handy and easy to use online system solutions but also to becoming customers’ partner, so our customers can focus on their own industry developmen ...