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Port Cities Ltd.
Services and Solutions for the International Trade, Manufacturing and E-Commerce

Founded in 1997, Port Cities offers a range of IT solutions and corporate services to companies that trade products with Asia.

We understand International Trade, Supply Chain, Logistics and Manufacturing in a local Asian context and can support it with “best in class” products and services in Greater China and South East Asia.
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NetMon Information Systems Ltd.
Founded in 1999, NetMon Information Systems Ltd. is a leading value-added distributor of the world’s leading IT products and solution of security, IT management, productivity and connectivity to Hong Kong, Macau and PRC customers.
Quartile Limited
日本企業の中小規模アジア拠点、特にこれまでERPのような仕組みを必要としつつも手の届かなかった拠点へのERP導入を実現します。業務、会計、システム各方面に明るく、マルチリンガル(日本語、英語、北京語、広東語に対応)なコンサルタントが導入プロジェクト、運用サポートをリードします。香港のデータセンタよりSaaSサービスを展開しており、アジア各地より低価格でシステムがご利用いただけます。 ・対応業種: 製造業、商社/販社、小売業、その他サービス業・対応地域: 香港、中国華南地区、その他アジア全...
Value Mine Technology Limited
In your business, you are creating more value than you realize.
At Value Mine Technology, we help you mine for such value and maximize your success.

在 Value Mine Technology,我们帮您挖掘这些价值,助您取得最大的成功。
WANTECH Innovation Technology Ltd
宏圖創新科技 (WANTECH) 致力為香港及國內客戶,提供全面、簡單易用的線上系統解決方案。並致力成為客戶的伙伴,讓客戶放心專注業務發展。


Keep IT simple, Keep IT WANTECH.

WANTECH Innovation Technology Ltd.(WANTECH) is committed not only to providing customers in Hong Kong and China with comprehensive, handy and easy to use online system solutions but also to becoming customers’ partner, so our customers can focus on their own industry development.

We offer a wide range of online system products and services including business flow consultation, software development, brand building and technical support services. We deeply believe that only a reliable long-term partnership can empower customers to reach their business goal. Therefore, "customer-orientation" has always been the main objective of our team and we are dedicated to become every customer’s partner.

Keep IT simple, Keep IT WANTECH.
Simple‧is beautiful