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IT as a Service Co., Ltd.
We are IT solution provider was established to help organizations make sense of the transformational potential of the Digital Economy which has widespread impact across all business sectors.

Together with leading experts in Web, e-commerce, cloud and ERP technologies, we can advise how best your organisation can harness emerging technologies and establish sustainable business models to ensure your business becomes an industry leader.
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Dataroot Asia Co., Ltd
Dataroot Asia Co., Ltd. is an IT company that offers custom software development, various IT consulting services, and IT outsourcing. We specialize in Microsoft solutions, ERP, CRM, e-Commerce, web, and mobile technologies. Our solutions can be deployed to either Cloud or an on-premise server. As an outsourcing company, we provide resources for software development, support, and maintenance to our valued clients. To date, our company have clients from industries like banking, insurance, retail, and manufacturing.
Ecobz Thailand Co., Ltd.
Ecobz (Thailand) Co., Ltd. provides IT integrated solution for manufacturing processes including ERP solution, CRM, In-house software development, server and cloud technology specially tailored for manufacturing business. We offer IT integration ...