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Dataroot Asia Co., Ltd
Dataroot Asia Co., Ltd. is an IT company that offers custom software development, various IT consulting services, and IT outsourcing. We specialize in Microsoft solutions, ERP, CRM, e-Commerce, web, and mobile technologies. Our solutions can be deployed to either Cloud or an on-premise server. As an outsourcing company, we provide resources for software development, support, and maintenance to our valued clients. To date, our company have clients from industries like banking, insurance, retail, and manufacturing.
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IT as a Service Co., Ltd.
We are IT solution provider was established to help organizations make sense of the transformational potential of the Digital Economy which has widespread impact across all business sectors.

Together with leading experts in Web, e-commerce, cloud and ERP technologies, we can advise how best your organisation can harness emerging technologies and establish sustainable business models to ensure your business becomes an industry leader.
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Apps Factory co.,ltd.
Apps Factory is a software development company found from a group of experience software and hardware engineers plus business management and software project implementation.

We aim to deliver best performance product with full scale services for our customer, ERP application package with professional customization service by our in-house software development team.
SCG Legacy (Thailand) company limited
SCG Legacy (Thailand) Company Limited is a company that the development of the professional and international standards by the company to choose the tools that will help develop the system performance with maximum safety to work in the work.

The Company has a professional team in the development of the system with the experience of the development of more than ten years in both design the structure of the system and it is also an expert on the system management facility as well as a consultant to leading companies in multiple locations throughout the country.
SafeComs Network Security Consulting Co., Ltd.
Safecoms is an IT Expert focusing on the delivery of Security and Cloud services across Asia with offices in Bangkok and Yangon, Myanmar. Our customer focus in on medium companies and multinationals based in Asia with the provision of secure applications to develop their business efficiently.

We created our CRM (www.peppercan.com) and have a vision to help SME benefit from tools previously only available to large organizations. We also focus on usability and support. We are close to our customers to provide the best integration experience possible while maintaining a constant focus on IT and data Security.

Our partnership with Odoo is inline with our philosophy to supply the best, easy to use, management and productivity tools in a secure cloud environment.
Simply & Fine Solutions Company Limited
Simply & Fine Solution are providing a "Simply Solutions" that bring "Fine Successes" to customers. We have solution suite around (i) infrastructure solution include system and software defined server, network and datacenter (ii) Big suite of Software in IT Operation Management (iii) Professional Service and ERP Software to address various challenge in multiple segment