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Digital Africa Company Limited
Digital Africa is a custom software development firm that was formed as a vehicle for the application of various technologies and innovations to provide information technology solutions to clients in Zambia and Africa in general with a focus on open source software packaging and customization for business automation, health care, education and the agriculture sectors.
Digital Africa begun its life as CBFH Technology Solutions in 2005 which was a technology partnership between two engineers Mr. Freddie Hamatanga and Mr. Chiphazi Banda. CBFH Technology Solutions underwent a change of name and registration in 2011 when the company name was changed from CBFH Technology Solutions to Digital Africa Company Limited with a view to expanding its product portfolio and allow for a more flexible company structure.
Gemistar is here to illuminate your world by giving you the best world class solutions in the fields of

- Business Management Automation;
- Project Management and Resource Evaluation;
- Local and International Travel.