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Qmani Pty Ltd
Qmani Pty Ltd - Summary Profile

Qmani Pty Ltd is an Australian owned company, headquartered in Melbourne with offices in Sydney, Queensland and Singapore. Currently, Qmani services the business marketplace in diverse industries across Australasia, South East Asia Region, Europe and North America and has earned the strong support and relationship of its clients in using Qmani solutions, amongst others, in government, local government, corporates, telcos, ISPs, universities and charities. It was founded in 2003 by Sim Thiam Soon who previously had several major achievements in the Australia, Japan, US, Canada and UK telecommunications environments.

Qmani is an IT solutions provider with focus in:

- Short Message Service (SMS) message for Business SMS applications and interfaces to government, corporate, SME, solution provider and service provider clients;

- Workflow solutions for various industries;

- ERP solutions for landscaping, construction & plumbing, distribution, manufacturing.

Qmani’s products are web-based and hosted in a secure Tier-IV datacenter environment, and the user need only have access to the Internet from anywhere in the world to be able to use Qmani solutions.

Qmani owns, operates, maintains and develops its products. It employs Australian technology and expertise to provide businesses with innovative and custom enterprise solutions.

With the full resources of the assets of Qmani, we are well-positioned to work with clients on their business issues that require expertise, experienced consultants to deliver workflow, mobile data and messaging, and ERP solutions.

We not only bring proven solutions to our clients but will provide excellent support to clients so as to allow Qmani to build the good relationships with our clients. In summary, we believe our key assets and critical success factors that will benefit our clients are:

- Proven, feature-rich and scalable solutions;

- Quality and performance of the Qmani messaging traffic;

- Qmani solutions development services;

- Qmani support for its solutions;

- Competitive pricing and costs provided by Qmani;

- Qmani Management and its team.
Redland Consulting Pty Ltd
Many organisations look for opportunities to grow their business but are limited by their organisational and system capabilities. We can help you review your business and system processes to identify opportunities on how to use tools like Odoo while remaining focused on achieving your organisation’s goals. You can choose to engage us for the entire continuum of your initiative or for specific parts of it. Our simple but proven approach is to work with you and achieve your goals.
Vision & Solutions
VNS is a globally Trusted Software Solutions Partner (TSSP) specialising in innovative ERP, CRM & Mobility Software solutions.

VNS caters for business of all shapes and sizes from small businesses, start up’s, SME’s, right through to the Mid- Market.