Moves history dashboard

The Moves History report in Odoo Inventory provides a detailed record of product movements (containing past and current locations), lot numbers, and reasons for movement. Reports can be generated for any time frame, making this report essential for analyzing stock levels, monitoring inventory turnover, and identifying any discrepancies in inventory.


The reporting feature is only accessible to users with admin access.

To access the stock report, go to Inventory app ‣ Reporting ‣ Moves History.

Display Moves History report.

Search options

Use the following search options to customize the Moves History report to display relevant information

The Filters section allows users to search among pre-made and custom filters to find specific stock records.

  • To Do: show stock move records that are in progress. This includes lines with a Status column value of Available or Partially Available.

  • Done: completed stock moves, with a Status of Done.

  • Incoming: displays move records from vendor locations.

  • Outgoing: displays move records to customer locations, including customer returns.

  • Internal: displays move records from one internal location to another.

  • Manufacturing: shows records where products were produced from the virtual, production location.

  • Date: select this drop-down menu to access various date filter options and view stock moves from a specific month, quarter, or year.

  • Last 30 Days: show records that occurred in the last thirty days.

  • Last 3 Months: show records from the last three months.