Connect an IoT box via SSH

To provide an SSH connection to an Internet of Things (IoT) box, a password needs to be generated.


This feature should only be utilized with trusted parties, as it provides administrative access to the IoT box, which can create security issues.

Managing an SSH connection is not covered under the standard scope of Odoo support. Visit the Odoo Support page for additional information about what is covered.

First, navigate to the IoT app ‣ IoT Boxes. Click on the IP address of the appropriate IoT box.


If the desired IoT box does not appear, see Troubleshooting for additional steps.

At the bottom of the IoT box pop-up window, click Remote Debug. This opens the Remote Debugging pop-up window.

The Remote Debugging password generation window.

Click Generate password.


After the password has been generated from the Remote Debugging pop-up window, the information must be recorded immediately. Once this window is closed, there is no current method for looking up this information.

Enter the Authentication Token provided by the user attempting to connect to the IoT box.

Click Enable Remote Debugging.