To-do assists you in organizing and managing personal tasks.

Creating to-dos

To create a to-do, click New or the plus button () next to a stage name. Add a title to your to-do, then click Add to save it or Edit to access more options.

If you choose to Edit a to-do, you have the option to add Tags, Assignees, or more information using the Odoo Editor.


  • Adding Assignees shares the to-do with the users selected.

  • Type / in the editor box to structure and format your content. You can also add media, links, and widgets.


You can create a new to-do on the fly from anywhere in Odoo by clicking the clock button and then Add a To-Do.

Adding a to-do on the fly

Converting to-dos into project tasks

If you use the Project app, you can convert to-dos into project tasks. To do so, open a to-do and click the gear button (), then Convert to Task.

Next, select the Project, Assignees, and Tags, then click Convert to Task. The to-do is now a project task and appears in the selected project.

Converting a to-do into a task

Managing the to-do pipeline

Your assigned to-dos are displayed on the app dashboard. You can drag and drop a to-do to move it from one stage to another.

Example of a to-do pipeline


  • Click the + Personal Stage button on the left of the pipeline to create a new stage.

  • Click the gear button () next to a stage to Fold, Edit, or Delete it.

Stage settings button

Scheduling activities

To schedule an activity on a to-do, click the clock button on the app dashboard, then the + Schedule an activity button.

Scheduling an activity from the To-do dashboard

To create the activity:

  • Select an Activity Type.

  • Select a Due date.

  • Choose who the activity should be Assigned to.

  • Add a brief Summary if needed. You can add a more elaborate description in the Log a note box.

Click Schedule to complete the action.


The To Do activity is not a to-do task. Selecting it does not create a to-do task.

Viewing to-dos in the Project app

If you use the Project app, your to-dos also appear as private tasks under the My Tasks view.

Example of a "My Tasks" pipeline in the Project app


A padlock icon is visible on your private tasks to quickly identify them among your project tasks.