Inner content

The Inner content building blocks allow you to add elements such as videos, images, and social media buttons, into pre-existing blocks.


To add a building block, click Edit, select the desired building block under the Blocks tab, and drag and drop it onto the page. To access its settings, click it and go to the Customize tab, where the available options depend on the type of block selected.

Social media

The Social Media block inserts clickable buttons leading to your social network’s URL. By default, the buttons display the icons of seven major social networks. You can click Add New Social Network to create a new button and switch the buttons next to a URL to turn them on or off.

The social media building block and its settings


You cannot edit the default icons but can edit the ones you added by clicking Add New Social Network. To do so, select the icon, then click the Replace button found under the Customize tab’s Icon section, and either select one of the available icons or click the Images tab and upload an image or add its URL.