Eye-catching animations can bring your website to life.

On appearance

In standard, you can add animations to columns when they appear, thanks to the Website Builder. Odoo detects when your element is in the viewport and launches the animation. A large selection of animations is available:

  • Fade in

  • Bounce in

  • Rotate in

  • Zoom in

You can easily define an animation on a column in your custom theme. You need to add two classes: o_animate and o_anim_fade_in. The second class changes depending on the type of animation you want to use.

Add the o_animate_both_scroll class to launch the animation every time the column appears on the screen. The animation is only launched once by default.

You can also define an animation-duration and an animation-delay directly in the style attribute.


<div class="col-lg-6 o_animate o_anim_fade_in o_animate_both_scroll" style="animation-duration: 2s !important; animation-delay: 1s !important;">
    <h2>A Section Subtitle</h2>
    <p>Write one or two paragraphs describing your product or services.</p>
Animation options

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