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650 Gym & Dine
650 Gym & Dine Veľkoobchod/maloobchod
650 Gym and Dine by Wolf was established in 2018 and it provides training and preparation of food and training programs as well as the gym, various other activities.

650 Gym and Dine is based in Baghdad where you can find a mixed gym that come fitted with the highest fitness, body building, and mixed martial arts activities which catered to every body part, every body type and every type of training style, male or female.

With experienced personal trainers who each offer their own unique approach to fitness wither your after competition prep, Strength and conditioning.

we have 3 branches in Iraq, Karrada, The Station and Iraqi Hunting Club in Mansour.
AFAQ AL AMAER Konštrukcia
هي شركة عراقية ذات مسؤولية محدودة مقرها بغداد - الكرادة لديها عدة مخازن في مختلف المناطق وكذلك يتوفر لديها وكلاء في محافظات العراق بدأت الشركة العمل منذ تأسيسها عام 2020/1/26 بأعتبارها احدى شركات تسويق المنتجات الغذائية واللاغذائية وتميزت شركة افاق العامر للتجارة العامة على مستوى عال من خدمة القطاع الخاص والعملاء والدعم المقدم من قبل الشركة الى جميع الوكلاء والماركتات وبمساعدة من الموردين والشركاء من جميع انحاء العالم
ASCO® Group
ASCO® Group Zdravotné/Socialne
Advanced Scientific Company (ASCO) provides instruments, consumables, kits, reagents, training, support, and maintenance. We represent companies like Promega, Cepheid, Sacace, Roche Diagnostics. ASCO has accomplished many medical projects through the past years, the long term strategy of the company is to provide a self contained and sustained medical projects, Although the scope of each project has varied, one common attribute has made ASCO team the best in the business, namely superior quality and proficiency in execution.
Abranik Software Technology
Abranik Software Technology IT / komunikácia
Abranik is a collective name for a group of experts specialized in the field of information technology services and accounting expert, we are registered as a software technology company under the name Abranik Software Technology in 2019.
During the long journey of working in the field of information technology, we have dealt with various types of services and business management systems in addition to dealing with local and foreign companies and experts to improve our technologic skills, strengthen our employees abilities and John specialists in developing business flow in companies and government institutions.
Currently, we have a complete team of experts in the application of Odoo system for all companies and businesses including accounting, human resource management through industries, inventory, sales and purchases and online marketing.

We Have High Level Real Time Foreign Support & Advice From Odoo Company Management & Technical Team

Location: Salim Main Street | Sulaimani | Iraq
Access Aid Foundation
Access Aid Foundation Zdravotné/Socialne
Access Aid Foundation
The Access Aid Foundation seeks to be part of the change in
Iraq’s journey towards a stable future through a campaign of hope and the provision of avenues for success to help counter extremist ideology. We believe that peace begins in the classroom. With this approach, AAF will mainstream education and learning in all of its programs and methods. Through our access abilities, we will continually assess, identify, and meet the needs of other conflict-affected and hard-to-reach areas in Iraq.
Our goal at AAF is not only to save lives, but to promote transparency and quality in our work, with our partners, and in everything we do. Our understanding of this dire situation and how aid is delivered after years of work on the ground has allowed us to understand the gaps and holes in the humanitarian field. From this vantage point, AAF is positioning itself to effectively conduct our work and carry out our operations on the ground in hard to reach areas.
We are dedicated to providing innovative solutions in coordination with local communities and our partners. AAF understands that beyond the political and religious tensions there are individuals and communities that are in immediate need of help. This problem transcends all borders and we are committed to being part of the solution with all who share our vision and goals.
Adham Group
Adham Group
founded as Adham company in 1979, at the beginning of our business of that year, we installed an electric supply office in the center of Erbil city "Setaqan Street", Adham company has a thriving and well-known credit history which started with household electrical supplies, at the same time we stepped towards expanding our works regarding electrical installations of houses, hotels and mosques in addition to importing household electrical accessories from renowned international brands. It is obvious that ADHAM Co. was the first company in Kurdistan to import LED Spotlights in addition to state-of-art electrical technology. Such steps led to mutual trust between the first party and the second party, motivating us to move our office from a small area to a private building through scientific and deliberate steps. Currently, our company has many branches working actively and dynamically

- In 1979, we wanted to elighten Erbil with our products in a small shop at Setaqan Street.

- After our achievementswe we decided to open more branches to serve Erbil.

- We got a lot of projects in kurdistan in general we needed more branches to serve with better quality.

- Except the lighitig product we started home furniture It was a big step for us.

- We wanted to make our furniture more adaptive, we open a curtain branch (Adham Curtain).

- After the great success we got in furniture we decided to build the biggest home branch in Erbil (Adham Home).

- We opened another branch for furniture with better quality and good prices (Kelebek).

- The fourth branch of Adham Home furniture at the Mass City project on Pirmam Road (Rendi).

- The fifth branch of Adham Home furniture (Saloni) at the 60m.

- The Sixth branch of Adham Home furniture at the Bakhtyari St (Adham Need).

- The Seventh branch of Adham Home furniture at the Shorsh St (Adham Luxury).

Adham Group Story 


In 1979, we wanted to enlighten Erbil with our products in a small shop on Setagan Street.


After our success we decided to create more branches to serve Erbil


We have become trustworthy of the people, in quality and good value, and we have gained the trust of the people.


We've got a lot of projects in Kurdistan, which generally needed more branches to serve, with better quality.


Except for the light product. We started home furniture It was a big step for us.


After achieving great success in the home furniture, we decided to build the biggest showroom in Erbil.


We grew step by step, so we opened another branch for furniture, with better quality and good prices.


We wanted to work on all the home furnishings. even making curtains.


We established a company in Turkey to provide exports and imports to make our work easier and mor efficiency.


Following this year, the Need Design branch will be launched


In March 2022, we launched and expanded one of the biggest showroom furniture from Bakhtari to 60M Street near Shoresh Bridges.


In the coming months, we will open another branch which is Adham My Luxury that serves and offers full quality.


In Jan 2023, we launched another furniture branch which was Adham Rendi on Pirmam Road road at Mass City.

Adham Lighiting ERBIL - Setaqan St +964 750 100 7001

Adham Lighiting ERBIL - 60M St +964 750 100 7001

Adham Lighiting ERBIL - Bakhtyari St +964 750 100 7001

Adham Home ERBIL - 100m St +964 750 200 7003

Adham Saloni ERBIL - 60m St +964 750 200 7005

Kelebek ERBIL - Shorsh St +964 750 122 8007

Adham ERBIL - Rendi Mas City +964 750 900 7002

Adham Need ERBIL - Bakhtyari St +964 750 200 7002

Adham My Luxury ERBIL - Shorsh St +964 750 122 8006

Adham Curtains ERBIL - Bakhtyari St +964 750 500 7004
Advanced Entertainment Company
Advanced Entertainment Company Zábava
Sindbad Land is a cultural amusement and themes park for the entire Iraqi family with the largest lake in Baghdad. It is the most modern amusement park in the heart of Baghdad with full European specifications for all ages and the most beautiful Baghdad garden sessions on the shores of the largest lake in Baghdad.
Al Ghadeer - الغدير للأستثمارات العقارية
Al Ghadeer - الغدير للأستثمارات العقارية Reality
Al-Ghadeer Real Estate Investments Company was established in 2014 as a real estate development company, aspiring to provide unique living experiences, and has since witnessed rapid growth to become a few steps away from providing the first unique living experiences on international standards. Today, Al-Ghadeer Company is working on developing residential projects that provide customers with a unique living experience within an integrated natural environment, and commercial projects in important strategic areas. At the heart of the culture of Al Ghadeer Real Estate Investments, there is a strong desire to communicate a unique vision of distinctive lifestyles to all clients. The company is also keen on fulfilling its promise to investigate accuracy in all details, from the stage of selecting its partners from architects, designers, and contractors to the stage of handing over the keys.
Al Itkan Company
Al Itkan Company Zdravotné/Socialne
ALITKAN is the exclusive business partner of SIEMENS Healthineers, VARIAN, IBA, KARLSTORZ, GETINGE, MINDRAY and ENRAF NONIUS in IRAQ. ALITKAN is also an agent of many other medical equipment and devices in Iraq. The experience of many decades combined with daily passion has enabled us to provide specialist healthcare solutions to our clients which not only meet but exceed their expectations, needs and requirements.
Al Manara
Al Manara
ALMANARA alzarqaa is registered as scientific bureau as trusted and favorite supplier of medical equipment in Iraq for both private and public sectors with professional team of (sales,engineers , finance , delivers ,…… )

Our mission
Provide the best and more effective healthcare products for customers and more satisfactory for shareholders and company team.

Our vision
To become best and biggest supplier of healthcare products in Iraq with innovative and smart solutions.

We provide our service and sales for all Iraq by our branches in ( Kurdistan , Baghdad and Basrah ) and by our representatives in all main Iraqi cities .

Al Mashreq University
Al Mashreq University Vzdelanie
. جامعة المشرق هي جامعة خاصة تأسست بموجب قرار مجلس الوزراء ذي العدد 204 في 8/12/2020 والامر الوزاري 8399 في 13/12/2020

للجامعة شخصية معنوية ذات استقلال مالي وإداري وتتمتع بالأهلية القا نونية الكاملة في تحقيق اهدافها
يسعى التعليم العالي الاهلي ليكون هذا التعليم داعما للتعليم الحكومي لما يملكه من إمكانيات مادية وبشرية تسهم في تقديم خدمات تعليمية متميزة وبمستوى عا ل من الجودة والكفاءة ولذلك فقد تم التنفيذ في بناء جامعة المشرق على القطعة المرقمة 2102/18/11 عامرية ليكون ذلك الصرح التعليمي الكبير والرائد لاستقطاب طلاب العلم والمعرفة ، وقد صدرت الموافقات الاصولية عن مجلس الوزراء ووزارة التعليم العالي والبحث العلمي عن تأسيس جامعة المشرق للعام 2020/2021م وتضم هذه الجامعة كليات عدة منها طب الاسنان / الصيدلة / تقنيات العلوم الطبية / القانون /العلوم الادارية والمالية كما تضم الجامعة ايضا العديد من المختبرات العلمية المتميزة التي تواكب النهضة المعرفية بقطاعات العلوم الطبية والصيدلانية كافة ، وتتميز جامعة المشرق باحتوائها على مساحات خضراء تساعد في خلق أجواء علمية تفاعلية ، فضلا عن وجود قاعات دراسية واسعة ومكيفة بشكل فريد مع وجود مكتبة تغطي حاجات الطلبة من المراجع العلمية كما تسعى الجامعة الى تأسيس القواعد العلمية للمكتبة الالكترونية التخصيصية .
Al Moudawi Pharmaceuticals
Al Moudawi Pharmaceuticals Veľkoobchod/maloobchod
Al Moudawi pharmaceuticals was founded in 2013 with the synergy of two groups that have more than 50 years experience in the medical and pharmaceutical fields.

The expertise in the medical and OTC promotion along with the knowledge of the Iraqi market and its dynamics brought these two groups together to create a company that guarantees internationally recognized quality.

Our Mission is to ensure the availability of high-quality branded pharmaceuticals and medical aesthetics to those who need it across Iraq at the right place and at the right time