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Agilis A.E Στατιστικής και Πληροφορικής
Agilis A.E Στατιστικής και Πληροφορικής Zdravotné/Socialne
Agilis has been founded in 1998 with a strong commitment in technology and statistics. Since then we have developed innovative technological solutions for data intensive applications and provided in-depth statistics consulting to international organisations. Our involvement with technology and statistics for clinical trials started more than ten years ago out of academic research projects and since then clinical trials have become our primary business and the focus of our technological and scientific strategy. We have provided high quality services in dozens of countries in four continents, we have actively participated in international standardisation initiatives and we know how to become team members in the teams of our customers, rather than mere vendors or suppliers.
BIOKAN OE Veľkoobchod/maloobchod
We have been manufacturing since 1989
BIOKAN has been manufacturing commercial kitchen equipment for 30 years. The application of the innovative ideas meets the needs of the modern and continuously developing food-service establishments.
Blue Ocean Navigation | CO LTD
Blue Ocean Navigation | CO LTD Doprava
Blue Ocean Navigation specializes in Internal Freight Forwarding. Through the innovative and sustainable use of technology, it is determined to go above and beyond to suit their customers’ needs on a daily basis. With high know-how and a multi-annual expertise, along with a well-organized, domestically and internationally, network, Blue Ocean provides major industries with the perfect transport solution.

To assist Blue Ocean in managing its operations quickly, conveniently, and efficiently, we have created a customized business platform by taking advantage and extending Odoo system’s capabilities. Saving time and effort is highly significant to every company. Being able to handle their business activities smoothly, allows them to evolve, and offer excellent quality and of great reliability transport services to their customers.
CYCLOPT PC IT / komunikácia
Cyclopt provides innovative solutions in the area of software quality, as-a-service, and helps software companies develop and maintain high-quality software products easier, faster and more economically secure.
Christofides Antonios
Christofides Antonios Veľkoobchod/maloobchod
Above Joy - Handmade, Playful and Artistic stuff
Cosmos Ocean Hellas | LTD
Cosmos Ocean Hellas | LTD Doprava
Cosmos Ocean Hellas is an independent neutral freight wholesaler, with a strong and ever-growing network of drivers, agents, and active partnerships from all over the world, and state-of-the-art facilities and shipping solutions for the handling of goods. They strive to consistently offer high-quality LCL services to their customers, guaranteeing the highest standards of regional and international transport with an efficient transportation and distribution network. A forward-thinking company, taking care of all aspects regarding transports, aspiring to be a reliable and customer–focused partner.

Being a trust-worthy partner of Cosmos Ocean for several years, we suggested that Odoo is the right business framework for their company’s needs. Therefore, we implemented a centralized system, which contains all their necessary information and operational workflows, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of automating their processes.
Cytech Ltd
Cytech Ltd IT / komunikácia
Cytech Mobile has been active in the Telecoms and Mobile Marketing Software market, in Greece and abroad, since 2001. Cytech is a software house that develops mobile solutions which translate business needs into technology. Our aim since day one has been to develop and deliver pioneering services of the highest quality, in order to fulfill our customers’ specific needs. We provide our clients with our expertise in the telecoms sector, to assist in creating and exploiting new business opportunities. We are a one-stop powerhouse, with complete, in-house solutions for mobile messaging, mobile marketing and mobile payments.
DO IT Hellas Cloud Solutions
DO IT Hellas Cloud Solutions IT / komunikácia
DO IT Hellas is a cloud integration company with years of experience in deploying IT solutions for small, medium, and large organizations. DO IT Hellas is the major partner for Google Cloud (Google Workspace, Google Workspace for Education, Google Maps Platform, Google Cloud Platform, etc.) in Greece as well as other countries around the Mediterranean basin (e.g. Cyprus, Malta, etc.).

In addition to Google, DO IT Hellas partners also with other cloud solutions providers such as Microsoft (O365, etc.), Onelogin (Identity Mgmt / SSO ), BetterCloud (enhanced management of Google Workspace/security/Workflows), Zixcorp (message encryption), etc.
We are selling to our customer Licence to Use for XaaS solutions provided by our partners, as well as services including Consultation, Project Management & Deployment, Training, Support & Customizations.
Deep Sea Technologies MIKE Software Services
Deep Sea Technologies MIKE Software Services Výroba
DeepSea Technologies is a team of AI researchers, engineers and sector experts, bringing the latest deep learning technology to the shipping industry. By using cutting-edge technology, DeepSea strives to lead the shipping industry in a leaner, greener and better-connected future. The experienced team of DeepSea AI has worked with Existanze in order to implement a fully integrated inventory, accounting and financial reporting, managing every task digitally, saving both time and resources that will be used for innovation and development.
Digital Publications Group
Digital Publications Group Veľkoobchod/maloobchod
Digital Publications Group is a Greek group of companies, part of which, is the company Myikona, the largest company to produce personalized photographic & printing products in the Balkans. Their vision is to contribute to a better world by offering people the opportunity to share the most beautiful moments of their lives. They wish to commit to the formation of strong bonds in human relationships, by creating tailor-made products, in the highest possible quality. They have inspired hundreds of thousands of people to create, share and maintain their most significant personal life events with goods that will last forever. Having a great experience in printing custom-made photobooks, Myikona covers the needs of millions of both, amateur, and professional photographers.

Being their Odoo Integrating Partner, we have engaged to create a consolidated system, which will contain all their company’s data and information, allow them to complete all their daily business processes from only one platform and assist them in managing their large volume of online orders. Using Odoo’s endless capabilities through its apps, along with our technical skills and expertise, we will configure their Odoo System, to build a unique, tailor-made business framework that will perfectly suit their needs.
Doma Books
Doma Books Veľkoobchod/maloobchod
Doma Books was created in 2017 by Thanos Samartzis, the former publishing director of Greece’s leading academic publisher, Marilena Karamolegou, a multi-awarded marketing and communications executive, and Michalis Samartzis, a developper and financial analyst. Doma Books is focused on philosophy, history and fiction and publishes few books every year, while investing heavily on each one of them from an editorial, artistic and marketing point of view. Doma Books has published, among others, the biblical Ecclesiastes, Epictetus’s Freedom, Anne Carson’s Eros the Bittersweet, Andrew Sean Greer’s Pulitzer-awarded Less, Jean-Paul Dubois’s Goncourt-awarded Tous les hommes n’habitent pas le monde de la même façon and John Fante’s My Dog Stupid.
Eduthera Solutions
Eduthera Solutions Vzdelanie
Eduthera Solutions is a company primarily engaged in the commercialization of innovative health and wellness products and the provision of specialized services.
Glaze is an online shop offering car care detailing products, founded in 2016, launching the start of their collaborations with world-renowned companies for the import and distribution of their goods in the Greek market. These collaborations indicate the company’s main purpose, to offer products and solutions in the field of detailing that are not yet available in Greece. With their main goal being to provide their clients with premium car care products, Glaze, keeps on expanding its collaborations and continuously updating their catalog with new items from the latest trends in the international market.

While a business grows, its needs grow as well. To assist Glaze in handling their daily online orders, inventory, and warehouse, we have been entrusted with implementing their Odoo business software to build a system that successfully integrates their processes and activities. Utilizing several key modules of Odoo, as well as its powerful capabilities, we will create a central point of reference, which will allow them to minimize time and effort of each process and maximize productivity and profit. In addition, the company will enjoy the fully automated process of exchanging data, in a single integrated solution, resulting in reliable and accurate on the spot information.
Global Sol Energy
Global Sol Energy Dodávka Energie
GSE specializes in energy saving systems in the industrial and hotel sector. With more than 20 years of know-how in research, design, and development, they provide their clients with innovative energy saving solutions and products that hold a wide range of both, national and international patents, and certifications. Their company’s philosophy is “support the customer while respecting the environment” and they constantly work towards that, with a high level of integrity and professionalism.

With deep technical knowledge and Odoo expertise, as their Odoo Integrating Partner, we have been tasked to upgrade, configure, and extend their Odoo system. They aim to use Odoo thoroughly for their business operations, which will contribute to organizing and handling their procedures with accuracy, efficiently, and effortlessly.
Glove technologies SA, Georgios Visvikis
Glove technologies SA, Georgios Visvikis
Glove Technology solutions is a company based in Greece, with branches extending across Europe. With a vast variety of products and services, Glove Technologies offers business solutions in terms of security and marketing management systems to some of the biggest companies in Greece. Our mission is to establish a system that will automate the processes of customer relationship management, sales, inventory, field service, warehouse manager and customer support, ensuring time and cost efficiency in every stage of the operational process.